Jeff, Tisha and Violet take a walk in the woods.

Tisha and Jeff were recently reminded of their adoption experience by writing a letter to American Adoptions.

Like many of our families, Tisha and Jeff had no previous experience with adoption, but entrusted American Adoptions to help add to their family. Today, they wake up every day smiling with baby Violet smiling back at them. Here is their story:


Jeff and I were high school sweethearts and decided to start a family as soon as we got married. We were devastated when we found out we had to go through fertility treatments and our “plan” had been disrupted. In reality, the fertility treatments were just preparing our hearts for adoption.

I firmly believe God wrote adoption in our life story and has blessed us with our beautiful daughter. We have a wonderful story of how beautiful adoption can be.

After our last failed attempt at IVF, we immediately began looking for an adoption agency. We were overwhelmed by the information on the Internet and didn’t have any friends who had previously adopted to ask for advice. We chose American Adoptions because their website and pamphlets were incredibly informative. We felt they had answered all of our adoption questions and realistically prepared us for the adoption process.

After two weeks of being active through the agency, we got a call saying that a birth mother was interested in us, but she wanted to talk to us before we were an official match. We were overflowing with excitement and extremely nervous. We thought it was incredibly mature and loving for the birth mother to want to make sure she was making the right decision of the family she placed her baby with. We immediately respected her.

One week later, we had a conference call with the birth mother and her case worker from the agency. She was even more nervous than we were and had a hard time speaking to us. Her case worker did a great job encouraging the birth mother and reminding her of the questions she wanted to ask us. I remember laying on the kitchen floor because I was so nervous and just talking. Jeff was pacing through the house. We wanted her to know what a loving family we were without overwhelming her. We started talking about our current family traditions and future plans. The birth mother didn’t talk much so Jeff and I didn’t know how to take the conversation once it was over.

Thankfully, the case worker was able to talk to us privately after the conversation to explain how nervous the birth mother was and how she wanted to try our conversation again next week so she could try and actually talk to us. We were relieved and eagerly agreed to talk to her again.