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“If I Give My Baby Up for Adoption, Do They Go to Foster Care? “

There are many myths about foster care & adoption. If you’re considering placing a child for adoption, you should know that adoption with American Adoptions does not mean foster care for your baby.


The Important Lesson This Week’s “This is Us” Taught About Transracial Adoption

How do you cope with a friend or family member who says inappropriate things about an adopted child? Rebecca faced that challenge on this week’s “This is Us.”


5 Things to Know About LGBT Adoption with Our Agency

Many LGBT individuals turn to adoption to bring children into their families, and American Adoptions is honored to help them become parents through our agency.


What Adoptive Parents Should Learn from That Scene in “This is Us”

In last night’s episode, Randall embarked on his birth parent search alone, resulting in a dangerous situation. Here’s what you can learn from his mistakes.


Changed Lives: A Birth Grandmother’s Open Adoption Story

First she was an adoptive mother through a closed adoption, then a birth grandmother in an open adoption. One woman tells her story of faith, fate, and of being on two sides of the adoption triad.


American Adoptions Halloween Photo Contest

For the American Adoptions Halloween Photo Contest, send in your favorite Halloween photo of your child(ren) or family for a chance to be featured on our blog and in an issue of our newsletter American Adoption News! Learn more:


3 Things “This is Us” Taught Us About Adoption in the Season Premiere

Beth and Randall had some serious conversations about adoption in last night’s season premiere. Here’s what we’ve learned from them so far.


Why Our Agency Has Certain Open Adoption Requirements

In order to create more positive open adoption relationships, American Adoptions requires adoptive parents to meet certain newer communication requirements.


Adoptive Family & Birth Mother Share How They Were Meant to Find Each Other

An adoptive family worried no birth mother would choose a family with a dad in a wheelchair and a son with disabilities. A birth mother worried she wouldn’t find the perfect family. What happened next was “just meant to be.”


Siblings and Adoption: What it Means to Your Child

Sibling relationships play an important role in a child’s life. Adoption adds a different dynamic. These tips can help birth and adoptive parents talk with their child about biological siblings, half siblings, and siblings they aren’t genetically related to.

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