Today, many women who choose adoption prefer an adoption relationship with some level of openness. At American Adoptions, a birth mother can select the level of openness she would like during and after the adoption placement.

The majority of our adoptions are semi-open, which means that the adoptive family sends pictures and letters to their child’s birth mother through our agency. We protect the family’s privacy by removing identifying information, like addresses and last names, and then send the package on to the birth mother. Should a birth mother wish to send a package to the adoptive family and her child, we follow the same procedure.

While each adoption may have a unique pictures or letter agreement, it’s customary for a family to send pictures twice a year until the child is 5 and then once year until the child is 18.

Below is a letter we received from Constance, a birth mother who placed her child through American Adoptions more than a decade ago. Her spontaneous letter to us shows just how important pictures and letters are to birth mothers!

To the Staff of American Adoptions:

Thank you so very much for keeping me knee-deep in photos and letters. I have had an awesome experience with your agency as a birth mother. I have full assurance that any woman who chooses to use your agency will be making the right choice. Through the years I have run across many other birth mothers, and I must say that not only did you handle my case with care and detail, but you also prepared me for dealing with life as part of the adoption-triad. Thank you!

It’s been 13 years– my how fast it’s flown by– and I’ve never once regretted my adoption decision or felt I should have done anything differently. While I am filled with awe each time a new set of pictures comes (by which I mean, what a neat child she is!). I have full assurance that her parents are who God had intended for her. I was just blessed to be a part of it. I know that each person in your office has to deal with all kinds of women (and men) facing their own special circumstances. Please know that you are appreciated!! Keep doing what you are, and know that it’s not just the adoptive parents that are grateful and blessed.

Have a wonderful day!



Adoptive families, be sure to check back in later this week for tips on pictures and letters packages!