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8 Adoption Tattoos That’ll Make You Want to Get Inked for National Adoption Month

Check out these inspiring adoption tattoos!


3 Things “This is Us” Taught Us About Adoption in the Season Premiere

Beth and Randall had some serious conversations about adoption in last night’s season premiere. Here’s what we’ve learned from them so far.


7 Summer Activities for Kids

Memorial Day is just around the corner, marking the unofficial start to summer. Swimming pools open, school wraps up and long daylight hours allow for extra time outside. Your kids probably have a long list of things they want to do this summer. And while …


For 10th anniversary, “Juno” returns for an L.A. live reading

Actresses Ellen Page and Jennifer Garner will reprise their roles in the comedic and honest film about a teenager choosing adoption.


10 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes to Try with Little Ones

10 of the tastiest kid-friendly, St. Patrick’s-themed dishes for you to try with your kids!


Reconnecting with Adoption Stories, as told by “This Is Us”

If you watch “This is Us,” you know there’s a lot of helpful adoption tips in the storyline. Here’s how the characters handled an adoption reunion.


10 Ways to Entertain your Kids on a Snow Day

As a kid, snow days are magical. You get the day off from school, and there’s a blanket of white stuff that has completely transformed your world. As an adult, they can be a little less so. You know the realities of driving in that …


Happy National Adoption Month!

November has finally arrived, which means it’s once again National Adoption Month! Many of our readers already know how special National Adoption Month is to members of the adoption triad – but if you’re new to the world of adoption, you can start learning about it right here.

Each year, National Adoption Month, sponsored by the Children’s Bureau, spreads adoption awareness, honors adoptive families and highlights newborns and children who are still waiting for permanent homes. Adoption Month is a great time for adoptive families, adopted children and birth parents to share their stories and celebrate the role adoption has played in their lives.


Halloween Safety at Home and in the Neighborhood

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, you’re probably getting into the spooky spirit with family and friends. But whatever your plans are this year, it’s important to keep some basic safety tips in mind.


How to Answer Your Child’s Toughest Adoption Questions

“Why is the sky blue?” “Why do giraffes have long necks?” “Why do I have to brush my teeth?” “Why do I have blue eyes?” If you are a parent, you’ve heard these and a million other “why” questions before. Children ask questions to figure out the world they live in. Some questions are easier to answer than others.

For children whose families were created by adoption, their questions may be tricky to answer. Their understanding of adoption is an ongoing process. Here is a list of common questions that adopted children ask, ranging from the basic preschooler inquiries to the more complex adolescent interrogations.

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