Adoption is a life-changing opportunity for everyone involved. For a birth mother, it means choosing a brighter future for her and her baby. And for you, it means fulfilling your dreams of raising a child.

Choosing adoption is a brave, selfless decision for any birth mother. By providing your birth mother with living expenses, you can help alleviate a common concern with adoption and a birth mother who’s facing a difficult time and decision in her life.

What Are Living Expenses Paid to Birth Mothers for Adoption?

Birth mother living expenses are funds provided by you to help cover all of the adoption-related, financial needs of the birth mother. These expenses can include:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Groceries
  • Clothing
  • Transportation
  • And more

These funds are court-approved, and there is no normal amount of living expenses to pay for a birth mother.

That’s because the amount, as well as what is eligible for adoption-related expenses, are determined by the birth mother’s circumstances, such as how far along in the pregnancy she is, where she lives and the laws in her state.

When Will the Birth Mother Receive Her Birth Mother Living Expenses?

Living expenses paid to birth mothers for adoption are distributed as soon as they need them.

Your birth mother’s adoption specialist will work to get an understanding of her financial needs for her pregnancy and get her the funds as soon as possible, whether that’s rent being paid directly to her landlord or groceries being paid for via reloadable gift cards.

Why Are There Birth Mother Living Expenses?

Living expenses paid to birth mothers for adoption are there to provide her with a sense of security and peace of mind. Childbirth, and pregnancy in general, can be costly and sometimes a barrier to entry for birth mothers considering adoption.

Birth mothers can’t get paid for adoption; it’s illegal. But the brave, selfless decision she is making to provide both her and her baby with a brighter future while giving you the opportunity to grow your family deserves recognition.

The birth mother living expenses you provide gives them the necessary resources for the health of her and her baby, subsidizing her income and allowing you to be a supportive presence in their life. Adoption can be a difficult choice. Even if it’s the best option for the birth mother, you can take one more worry off of her plate with the living expenses paid to the birth mother for adoption.