Father’s Day is a special time to honor and celebrate all the men who helped us grow into the people we were meant to be. Whether you’re a biological father or an adoptive father, you’re still every bit a “dad” as any other father. You deserve all of the love and recognition on this special day. In honor of this Father’s Day, we’ve decided to take a look at all the dads that do so much for us.

Happy Father's Day. Little girl gives homemade card to her dad in front yard of family home.Adoptive Dads

After waiting so long to become dads, Father’s Day is special occasion for all adoptive fathers. While being a father means different things to every dad, adoptive dads all over love their children with every fiber of their being. Adoptive dads who have been there every step of the way are not only an integral part of the adoption process, but continue to make a huge impact on their child’s life every single day. If you’ve been raised by an adoptive dad, make sure to show him how much you appreciate him today!

Waiting Adoptive Dads

While we might think of Father’s Day as being synonymous with men who have already become fathers, celebrating the men who long to become parents is just as important. Sometimes, it can take years for fathers to finally build the family they’ve been hoping for — and for adoptive dads who’ve been waiting for so long, celebrating Father’s Day can feel a bit complicated. The truth is that adoption is just as much about adoptive fathers as it is about adoptive mothers. Adoptive dads who are waiting to become fathers should feel just as included in the adoption process as their partners are, and should work with an adoption specialist who understands just how excited they are for this amazing journey.

Foster Dads

Becoming a foster parent is one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences. Foster dads have a huge heart, and are always ready to welcome a child into their home for either a short while or a few years. For children who are dreaming of a loving and permanent home, having a father figure who they can rely on will have an amazing effect on their growth.

Choosing to be a foster parent doesn’t make you any less of an amazing dad. Having the opportunity to nurture and guide foster children is a life‐changing opportunity that should never be taken for granted. If you’re thinking about becoming a foster dad, there are many ways that you can get started. Contact your local foster care and adoption agency today to learn more.

Birth Fathers Who are Supporting an Adoption Plan

In many adoptions, there are birth fathers who are on board and supportive of the birth mother’s adoption plan. For these men, placing their unborn child for adoption is one of the hardest decisions that they’ll ever have to make. When we think about adoption, it’s easy to think of what’s best for the birth mother, but the truth is that there are many birth fathers who understand how difficult this choice is but still want to do everything they can to give their child a better life.

If you’re a birth father who’s in the process of helping make an adoption plan, or if you’ve previously placed a child for adoption, know that your support means the world to your child and to his or her birth mother. Your selfless decision helped bring a family together, and that means the world to a child.

Celebrating Absent Fathers on Father’s Day

Even if a birth father is not actively involved in the adoption process, they’re still an important part of their child’s life. For many years, birth fathers have been an overlooked piece of the puzzle that many adoptees are curious about, and many birth fathers are forgotten about in favor of birth mothers. If you’ve chosen to celebrate your child’s birth father on Father’s Day, it can be helpful to think of the positives.

Whether you’re an adoptee who knows very little about their birth father, or you’re an adoptive parent trying to initiate a conversation with your child about their birth father, Father’s Day can bring up a lot of painful emotions. How you choose to celebrate Father’s Day with an absent birth father is completely up to your family, and if you need advice, you can always reach out to an adoption specialist.

How You Can Celebrate Father’s Day Today

No matter how you choose to celebrate it, the best thing you can do every Father’s Day is show how much you care. If you can, a card, a phone call, or just spending time together can create some special memories and will show all the important types of father figures in your life just how much they mean to you. To all kinds of dads, Happy Father’s Day!