Your local media can help to promote and create awareness for a wealth of things. Adoption should be no exception! Utilize your local newspapers, TV stations or websites to spread awareness for adoption during National Adoption Month by sending requests for coverage or press releases. Here are some pointers:

  • First, make a list of local print, broadcast and online media outlets.
  • Compile your information in a letter – including your request for an adoption-related story or awareness piece during National Adoption Month – to be emailed to the media outlets or reporters. Consider including a press release or fact sheet, as well as a touching personal story.
  • Do not attach files – put everything in the body of the email. This makes it easier for a media person to read and process your information, and it will also keep your message from being marked as SPAM.
  • If you’re planning an awareness event, see if you can invite a local celebrity like a local media person, athlete or public servant. Create photo opportunities and share them in the letter as well.
  • Reach out as early as possible. If you feel like it’s too late for this year, begin brainstorming an event for next year and start your inquiries in October.
  • Call or follow up for a commitment, and be persistent!

For more tips for promoting adoption, check out Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s Raise Awareness page on their website or visit’s Spread the Word page!