Adoption lets you create a unique bond with the birth mother that can last a lifetime.  Contact with birth parents is the key to almost all successful adoptions and because of this, we require our birth parents to be open to a certain level of contact with the birth parents.

No open adoption relationship looks the same, and it doesn’t mean you’re co-parenting. It means your child has one more person who loves them just as much as you do.

To learn more about what an open adoption relationship can look like, watch this video or contact us online now.  In the meantime, here are some thoughtful ways you can stay in touch and keep birth mothers involved.

The Importance of Staying in Touch

Staying in touch with the birth mother provides emotional benefits for everyone involved. For the child, having a connection with their birth mother can help foster a strong sense of identity and belonging. For the birth mother, ongoing contact can bring peace of mind and a sense of continued involvement in the child’s life.

This mutual relationship can also ease any feelings of loss or separation that might come with the adoption process.

“Knowing that I can be around and be there — I don’t even know how to put it into words… I’m like a cheerleader on the sideline, and that’s more than I could have asked for.” – Caitlin, birth mother. Read her story here.

5 Ways to Stay in Touch With the Birth Mother

Emails and Letters

Sending regular emails or letters to the birth mother is a simple yet meaningful way to stay connected. Sharing milestones, achievements and updates about the child’s life helps the birth mother feel involved and informed. Through letters and emails, the birth mother can heal and move on knowing that she made the best decision for her child.

Photo Albums and Videos

Creating photo albums or sharing videos of significant events and everyday moments can make the birth mother feel closer to the child. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a school play or just a fun day at the park, visual updates are one of the best ways to keep the birth mother in the loop, letting them watch their child grow for years to come.

Annual or Bi-Annual Visits

Planning annual or bi-annual visits can provide a special opportunity for you to spend time with the birth mother and let her get to know the child. These visits can be a time for everyone to catch up, create new memories and strengthen your bond.

Inviting the birth mother to special occasions, such as birthdays or holidays, can make her feel valued and included. This also helps the child see the birth mother as an important part of their extended family.

Video Calls

Occasional video calls can be a convenient way to stay in touch. These calls allow the birth mother to see and interact with the child in real time, providing a sense of presence and connection that goes beyond written communication.

Social Media Connections

Connecting on social media platforms can facilitate casual, ongoing interaction. Birth mothers can see regular updates through posts and photos, and both parties can comment and engage in real-time depending on comfort level and what was decided in the adoption plan.

Maintaining a connection with the birth mother is a meaningful way to honor the unique bond created through adoption. Through regular updates, visits and digital communication, you can ensure that the birth mother remains a part of their child’s life for years to come.

While we require you to be open to some form of communication, your adoption relationship will ultimately grow and evolve over time depending on everyone’s comfort level. For more information about open adoption and what it looks like with our agency, contact us online now or call 1-800-ADOPTION.