Pregnancy, especially teenage pregnancy, can be daunting. But you’re not the first to experience it, and you won’t be the last. You’re not alone, either. There are resources for teenage pregnancy that can give you the support you need and deserve.

From community resources for teen pregnancy to pregnancy resources for teen moms, here are five helpful resources for teen pregnancy:

Pregnancy Counseling

Teen pregnancy can bring a whirlwind of emotions. Its normal to feel overwhelmed about what to do next.

Counseling is a great resource for teen pregnancy because it offers unbiased support, a sounding board for any questions you have about the what to do next or how to address the emotions you may be feeling.

Local Health Clinics

This community resource for teen pregnancy gives you the vital support you need to figure out what comes next. Local health clinics can:

  • Confirm your pregnancy
  • Advise you on options depending on how far along you are
  • Connect you to local health professionals

Adoption Agencies for Teens

Adoption is always an option, no matter what your circumstances are. This resource for teen pregnancy creates a brighter future for you and your baby by giving them a loving family while getting you support with rent and bills.

Adoption never costs you anything when you make the brave, selfless decision to put the best interests of your baby first.

National Organizations

Depending on where you’re located, there might not be many community resources for teen pregnancy. That doesn’t mean you’re without options. Here are a few you can check out today:

Maternity Homes for Pregnant Teenagers

If you are in an unsafe environment or are worried about the response and support from your family, then maternity homes are another community resource for your teen pregnancy you can use.

In addition to housing, maternity homes typically have resources for teen pregnancy, too, such as:

  • Staff members to help get you to prenatal appointments
  • Doctors/counselors on site
  • Providing a sense of community with other women in similar situations
  • Temporary work during your pregnancy
  • And more

Maternity homes typically have requirements to live there, impacting your schedule, diet and more.

If you have any questions about what to do about teen pregnancy, then don’t hesitate to contact us online today. We are here to help you whenever you need us.