Steven and Laura with newborn baby Carolina

Adoption in the Fast Lane

For many adoptive couples, the journey through infertility to adoption is long and tiresome. But then, some are rewarded with a quick wait and a birth mother due in a matter of months.

This describes the adoption experience of Laura and Steven, who spent years trying to become parents. However, once they became active with American Adoptions, they welcomed baby Carolina into their lives in less than three months.


In February 2012, Laura and Steven had been active for just 14 days. She was at work talking with a coworker when her phone rang. “American Adoptions,” it read.

“I wondered why they were calling so soon after becoming active. I thought there may have been a problem,” Laura said.

She answered and immediately burst into tears over the good news.

“Are you OK? Do you need a minute?” the social worker asked.

“No, I’m great! Just keep talking!” Laura responded.

The social worker continued talking, informing Laura that she and Steven had a baby girl on the way – exactly what they were hoping to hear.

After he helped raise his two nieces, Steven wanted to raise a daddy’s girl of his own. He always enjoyed taking them shopping, getting them ready for school and being their father figure. Laura always looked forward to having those special mom/daughter conversations with her future daughter one day. Finally, they already had a special name chosen if they would be blessed with a girl: “Carolina.”

As soon as the conversation with the social worker ended, Laura called Steven at work, but he didn’t answer. Still crying, she quickly called her mother.

“What’s the matter?” Laura’s mom asked.

Laura told her mother, who quickly matched her excitement. Among the tears, she realized she still needed to tell Steven and texted him “911.”

An out-of-the-loop Steven finally called back: “What’s the matter?”

“You’re going to be a daddy – it’s a girl!”

From their interest in sports cars, Laura and Steven both enjoy moving fast, but their adoption process was moving faster than they had ever gone before as their baby daughter would be born in just over a month.

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