How two Cardinals fans adopted a Royals baby

Shandra, Drew, Tyler and JaseAs the Kansas City Royals prepared for their first post-season game in nearly 30 years, Drew and Shandra made a mad dash from St. Louis to Kansas City.

For these St. Louis Cardinals fans, it wasn’t baseball that brought them to the city, it was the arrival of their son Jase.

After having their first child, Tyler, and struggling to expand their family, the couple turned to adoption. They joined American Adoptions, they completed all the necessary paperwork and they waited.

Then, on September 29, just one month to the day after their activation, they got a call saying there was a baby boy waiting for them. He had been born four days earlier on September 25, but his birth parents hadn’t made the decision to place the baby for adoption until that day, leaving Drew and Shandra little time to process.

“We were speechless,” Shandra said.

They had to decide quickly if this was the right match for them, but it turns out the decision was easy to make.

“I told Drew ‘I don’t think we would get this call if this wasn’t our time, if this wasn’t our baby,’” Shandra said. And he agreed.

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