Adoption can be beautiful, but the road to a positive future can have challenges. Financial assistance for adoption can mean that you have one less stressor during a turbulent time in your life.

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Do You Get Paid for Adoption?

You do not get paid to place your baby for adoption. But, when you choose adoption, there is support available to you, and in some cases your available support can include financial assistance for your needs during pregnancy and shortly after.

Financial assistance for adoption varies from state to state, and in some cases it may be limited. In cases where financial assistance is limited, our agency will work to help you get coverage for as many expenses as possible so that you are not responsible for the costs of pregnancy and birth.

What Does Adoption Financial Assistance Cover?

Adoption financial assistance may cover a variety of expenses like:

  • Rent and utilities
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Maternity clothing
  • Phone service
  • Pregnancy medical costs
  • Legal fees

Why Do Mothers Receive Assistance During Adoption?

Pregnancy and birth come with extra expenses like medical bills, maternity clothing, extra food and prenatal vitamins. Financial assistance can help you cover these costs so that you’re able to continue forwards toward your goals as your child is placed with a family

Who Decides How Much Financial Support I Receive in Adoption?

Your eligibility for adoption financial assistance depends on your situation. State laws often determine what expenses are eligible to be covered in adoption, and some states limit the amount of support you can receive. The court system sometimes determines the details when state laws are unclear, or the decision is up to a judge. But in most cases, your adoption agency does not determine eligibility for financial assistance.

Can You Make Money Giving Your Baby up for Adoption?

You won’t be making money if you choose to place your baby for adoption. In most cases, financial assistance is set up so that you can afford necessary expenses like maternity clothing, food, medical care and transportation. This money is set aside specifically for these expenses, so placing a child for adoption does not mean you will “make money.” Instead, you will receive support that prevents financial burden from your adoption decision.