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What is the Difference Between Adoption and Legal Guardianship?

Legal guardianship, adoption, custody — we often receive questions from prospective birth parents & hopeful adoptive families who wonder, “What is the difference between adoption and legal guardianship?”


10 Tips for Having the Adoption Talk with Your Baby’s Father

Talking to the father of your baby about adoption can seem intimidating. Here are 10 tips to help you talk about adoption together:


10 Things an Adoption Attorney Wants Expectant Mothers to Know

An adoption attorney offers his advice on the things that all prospective birth mothers should know before they begin the adoption process.


Adoptive Family & Birth Mother Share How They Were Meant to Find Each Other

An adoptive family worried no birth mother would choose a family with a dad in a wheelchair and a son with disabilities. A birth mother worried she wouldn’t find the perfect family. What happened next was “just meant to be.”


In Moving Letter, Birth Mother Shares Her Love with Her Son

One birth mother writes a letter to her son, four years after his adoption, telling him what she wants him to know about her decision to place him for adoption.


5 Birth Mothers Share How an Adoption Scholarship Changed Their Lives

Each semester, American Adoptions gives out scholarships to birth mothers who wish to pursue educational goals. Here’s where 5 past recipients are now.


Dealing with Distance in Open Adoption

What if that perfect family for your baby happens to live on the opposite side of the country? 5 guidelines for making long-distance open adoption relationships work:

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