Many birth and adoptive parents in the American Adoptions family offer to share their stories. We’re always so grateful when someone touched by adoption shares their voice with us. Their words have the power to reach others who’ve walked, or are currently walking, in their footsteps during an adoption journey.

Sharing your adoption story often brings comfort to those who are unsure or feeling lost in their own adoption process.

But it’s more rare when both the birth and adoptive family are willing and able to share their stories in tandem. Having both sides of the story offers a full look at the adoption experience, and every act of love that brings families together.

We’re honored that Angelica (a birth mom), Jenn (an adoptive mom), and Keith (an adoptive dad) have shared their story — and what a beautiful story it is!

With Keith’s wheelchair, and their son, Brandon’s, severe disabilities, why would a prospective birth mother ever pick them as the perfect family for her unborn child? Angelica was 20 and raising two young boys while living with her aunt and struggling with an on/off relationship with her baby’s father. What happened next was “just meant to be.”

Read Jenn, Keith, Brandon and Kaylin’s story here.

Read Angelica’s story here, and watch her speak about making her open adoption decision here.

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