Republican lawmakers revealed their proposed rewrite of the United States tax code this week, and one thing instantly stood out to adoption professionals: the rewrite completely eliminates the federal adoption tax credit. Should the tax code legislation be approved by the end of the year as Republicans hope, any family who finalizes their adoption after the start of 2018 will no longer be able to take advantage of this adoption tax credit.

Currently, the federal adoption tax credit helps thousands of families each year offset their adoption costs through a $13,460 nonrefundable credit. The financial assistance is designed to aid those who are interested in the adoption process, helping as many children as possible find permanent homes. Many of the families who have adopted through American Adoptions have used this aid to make adoption more affordable — so they can finally reach their parenthood goals.

However, if the Republican tax code proposals are approved, those who are currently in the adoption process and those considering starting an adoption will not be offered this financial assistance.

“We are extremely disappointed with the currently proposed budget and lawmakers’ proposals to completely eliminate the federal adoption tax credit,” said Shawn Kane, American Adoptions executive director. “The importance of this tax credit to adoptive families throughout the U.S. cannot be understated. American Adoptions is open to talking with any members of Congress willing to work with a pro-family platform to educate them on the importance of this credit, especially for the thousands of children in the foster care system waiting to be adopted.”

The tax code legislation is not yet set in stone. The House Ways and Means Committee will start the mark up of the bill on Monday, Nov. 6, before it is sent to the House floor for debate and a vote. Lobbyists continue to speak with congressional lawmakers for changes to the bill, and certain Republicans have already spoken out against the bill. However, because the new tax code is heavily weighted in the advantage of businesses, it’s important that lawmakers hear from who it really affects — constituents like yourself.

American Adoptions and other adoption professionals urge you to contact your representatives today to express your discontent over the elimination of the federal tax credit in this proposed legislation. Find out how to do so by visiting, where you’ll find instructions on how to contact your local representatives.

Share your personal story on social media and encourage others to do the same, using the hashtag #SavetheATC and tagging your representatives. You can find your local representative here. The more pressure put on representatives, the better.

While the bill will continue to go through revision before approval, it’s necessary that people speak out against the elimination of the federal tax credit to save what is so important to so many adoptive families in the U.S.

Please, take personal action and share this post to help save the adoption tax credit.