As a current or expectant mother interested in adoption for your child, you have an opportunity to create the life you imagine for your child.

When you look through potential families or talk to an adoption professional, you can specify all the traits you are looking for in an adoptive family and find a family that fits your perfect vision for your child. Click here to talk to an adoption professional now, or read on to learn more.

Selecting an Adoptive Family

Whatever vision you have for your child’s future, it can become a reality when you carefully choose an adoptive family that aligns with your adoption plan.

Before embarking on the process of selecting an adoptive family, your Adoption Specialist will work closely with you to fully understand the life you envision for your child. Once they understand your desires, they will provide you with a collection of adoptive family profiles. Below are some of the characteristics you can choose for your child’s family.

Location: You can specify the geographical location or region where you would like the adoptive family to reside, such as a particular state or city.

Family Size: If you have a preference for your child to have siblings, you can search for adoptive families with existing children or families open to adopting multiple children.

Ethnicity and Race: If it’s important to you that your child is raised within a particular ethnic or racial background, you can search for adoptive families who share that heritage.

Religious or Cultural Background: If you want your child to be raised in a specific religious or cultural environment, you can search for adoptive families who align with those beliefs and traditions.

Interests and Hobbies: If you have specific interests or hobbies that you hope the adoptive family will share with your child, you can search for families who have indicated similar preferences.

Education and Careers: You can consider the educational background and professional careers of the adoptive parents to ensure they meet your expectations for providing a stable and nurturing environment.

Openness to Contact: Depending on your desires for ongoing communication and contact, you can search for families who are open to various levels of openness in the adoption, such as regular updates, phone calls, or even visits.

Online and Video Profiles

In addition to the traits you choose, you can also get a more comprehensive, real-life view of adoptive families through our Adoptive Family Video Profiles. These videos provide a dynamic, three-dimensional view of a family’s life. You will witness the couple’s interactions with each other and their surroundings. You’ll hear them speak about themselves, and others in their lives will share their perspectives, enabling you to see them in their daily lives.

Choosing an adoptive family does not follow an exact formula, but many women had expressed that when they came across the profile of the adoptive family they ultimately chose, they immediately knew they had found the right match.

Remember, it is crucial not to settle for just any family. If none of the Adoptive Family Print or Video Profiles resonate with you, don’t hesitate to ask your Adoption Specialist for more options.

Get to Know Adoptive Families In Real Life

Beyond Video Profiles, you can also get to know adoptive families personally. Conference calls can help reassure you that you feel comfortable with the adoptive family you have selected. If any doubts arise after the call, don’t hesitate to discuss them with your Adoption Specialist.

If you prefer to meet the adoptive couple in person before delivering the baby, your Adoption Specialist can assist you in arranging a meeting. While some women and adoptive couples find comfort in getting to know each other in an unmediated, natural environment, others may not. The choice is entirely yours.

Get Help Finding a Family

No matter what traits you are looking for in an adoptive family, your adoption specialist can help you find a family that fits your vision. Click here to get help now.