When you make the brave decision to place your baby up for adoption, you’re putting their well-being first. Recognizing that you’re unable to give them the life they deserve takes a lot of selflessness and courage.

Through adoption, you are choosing a bright future and can give your baby a life with two loving adoptive parents prepared to give them the best life possible.

Adoptees thrive with their adoptive families due to the love, care and opportunities provided within a nurturing environment. By choosing adoption, you’re making a decision that prioritizes your child’s well-being and future.

Understanding how adoptees benefit from adoption can help you move through the adoption process with confidence knowing your child is thriving in a safe environment filled with love and joy.

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How Do Adopted Children Really Feel About Being Adopted?

While every child is different, it’s impossible to predict exactly how they’ll feel about their adoption. Most children grow up grateful for the opportunities that adoption has provided them. Our co-founder Scott Mars, an adoptee himself, knows he wouldn’t be where he’s at today without adoption.

“Without adoption, my mom and dad would not have been able to share their love, to share their life and give someone the life that I had. Because of adoption, my life is filled with love and opportunity.

Because of your decision, your child will grow up with a safe, loving family who has spent years longing and preparing for parenthood. Although this decision can be difficult, know that your child will always be supported. It’s normal to worry about the well-being of your child after they’ve been adopted. But with open adoption, you’ll be able to witness your child’s growth and development firsthand.

Whether it’s through email, video chats or in-person visits, you can watch your child thrive with the adoptive family you choose. And the beauty behind this relationship is that you can stay in touch at whatever level you’re comfortable with.

Benefits of Adoption for Adoptive Children

There are many different reasons why adoptees thrive. Here at American Adoptions, we work hard to support those who have been adopted. We provide education to help adoptive families understand the potential complexities of raising an adopted child. Below are some of the benefits your child will experience as an adoptee:

1. A Safe, Stable Environment

Although there are many reasons why you would choose adoption for your baby, one of the most common among birth mothers is the inability to provide an environment that supports their child’s needs. This can be due to a number of reasons, such as a toxic relationship or an unstable living situation.

Whatever the case may be, your child will have the opportunity to grow and flourish with a family that’s prepared to raise your child.

Adoptive parents must meet specific requirements in order to begin the journey of adoption. They must prove that they’re financially, physically and emotionally ready to raise an adopted child. While every parenting style is different, adoptive parents will provide your child with the life you envision.

Adoptee Jennifer respects her birth mother for giving her the best life possible.

“Within days of my birth I was given the most awesome gift: my family.” Jennifer said. “I know it sounds odd, but my birth mother decided that placing me for adoption was the best choice for both of us. I still can’t imagine all she went through to come to that selfless decision.”

2. Endless Opportunities and Brighter Future

When you make the decision to place your baby up for adoption, they’ll have access to opportunities they may not have had otherwise. Adoptive parents have been preparing to welcome your child into their home and have the financial means necessary to give your child the best life possible.

They’ll be able to support your child through college and other higher education to ensure they have access to the opportunities they need. Adoptive parents have often saved and prepared to raise a child for years. Through adoption, your child will grow up with parents dedicated to helping them succeed.

3. Two Loving Adoptive Parents

Adoptees benefit from having two sets of parents who love them unconditionally. Your child will grow up in a two-parent home surrounded by love and stability. When you decide to pursue an open adoption, your child will be able to benefit from their relationship with the adoptive parents while also maintaining some level of communication with you.

Having an open adoption relationship can help you cope with any complex emotions you may be feeling once the adoption has been finalized. When you work with our agency, we require adoptive families to be open to some level of contact.

This helps create a positive relationship for everyone involved and helps adoptees gain a better understanding of their adoption story. Although every adoptee’s experience is different, many are grateful for the opportunities they received from adoption.

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