With the holidays right around the corner, there’s no better time to begin your adoption journey than now. Most hopeful adoptive families decide to take a break during the holiday season, but for others, it’s the perfect time to begin the adoption process. 

To begin the adoption process with our agency, you can always call 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with our adoption specialists or fill out this contact form for free information.  

Why You Should Begin the Adoption Process During the Holidays 

As one of the top national adoption agencies specializing in domestic infant adoption, American Adoptions can provide more services and support than any other national adoption agency. Below are four reasons why you should work with our agency this holiday season.  

1. 800x More Marketing Than Leading Competitors = Low Wait Times 

With over 800x more marketing than our leading competitors, our average wait time is 9-12 months. Although each adoption situation is different, you’ll find comfort in knowing that we will do everything we can to help keep wait times to a minimum. Some of the ways we help keep wait times low are through advertising and networking.  

We extensively market our agency to prospective birth mothers. To get the same exposure elsewhere, you would need to join the waiting list at 25 other agencies at the same time. We’ve served families for over 30 years and know what it takes to consistently create the shortest adoption time frames. Family is forever, but your wait time doesn’t have to be.  

2. 100% Financial Protection 

At American Adoptions, we understand just how much of a commitment adoption can be financially. That’s why we’ve developed an adoption financial protection program to provide 100% protection for our active adoptive families.  

In the event of an adoption disruption, you never have to repay fees to pursue another adoption opportunity. While we can’t eliminate emotional disappointment, our adoption disruption insurance can help eliminate financial disappointment. Our program has saved adoptive families over $4.6 million dollars since it began and has given many families a second chance to adopt.  

3. A Proven Track Record 

With more than 13,000 families built, we go above and beyond to help you find an adoption opportunity. We’ve doubled our efforts to make sure we’re prepared to help our clients have the best adoption experience possible. Through our national exposure, we work with a large pool of birth mothers, giving you the best shot at finding an adoption opportunity.  

We also monitor the number of adoptions we complete vs. the number of adoptive families that join our agency to ensure accurate wait time estimates. Some adoption professionals take on too many families at once without monitoring the number of adoptive families joining their agency. At American Adoptions, our wait times are checked by state authorities to ensure accurate estimates, giving you a greater chance of finding an adoption opportunity. 

4. The Opportunity to Create an Adoptive Family Video Profile 

Our adoption video profiles help prospective birth mothers envision their child’s life with your family. Adoptive video profiles go beyond letters and pictures to present a real, personal look into your life to highlight your personality and interests. Through research and communication with birth mothers, we’ve learned that these videos are one of the main reasons they choose to work with our agency.  

Some adoption agencies only offer print profiles, which aren’t as effective as video profiles and can put you at risk of being overlooked by families who create video profiles. With a 96% success rate, our agency is proud to be the leading innovator in adoptive family video profiles.  

Our agency is always available to help, and we are happy to answer any questions you have about the adoption process. When you’re ready, we can also help you move forward with your personal adoption journey. To get in touch with one of our adoption specialists, call 1-800-ADOPTION now to begin the adoption process.