One of the most important factors that can make or break your adoption experience is the time it takes to find an adoption opportunity. The adoption wait time is often an influencing factor when adoptive families are choosing an agency.

When you work with American Adoptions, we do everything we can to make sure your adoption wait time is the lowest it can be. But how can we offer the lowest adoption wait times? In part by providing 12x more marketing than the average competitors. Read on to learn more about how our agency keeps the average wait time for adoption at a minimum.

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How We Keep Adoption Wait Times Low

More marketing = lower wait times.

When you work with American Adoptions, our average wait time is 9-12 months after activation. This is because we’re able to offer adoptive families 10x more marketing than the average adoption professional.

Our agency extensively markets to birth mothers considering adoption all across the country. When you’re researching common adoption questions, chances are we’re at the top of your search results.

In order to get the same exposure from another adoption agency, you would need to join the waitlist at 25 other agencies simultaneously. We also extensively advertise in crisis pregnancy centers, Yellow Pages, hospitals, social media and other adoption websites.

Our large-scale marketing helps prospective birth mothers easily find our agency which creates more adoption opportunities and therefore shortens the average wait time to adopt a newborn. At American Adoptions, we believe that family is forever, but your wait time doesn’t have to be.

Compared to Other Adoption Professionals

Some adoption professionals like adoption facilitators, consultants and law firms claim to offer low adoption wait times. But, a lot of these estimates are inaccurate. Although some can find adoption opportunities in a short amount of time, most adoption consultants’ networks are made up of smaller professionals without substantial web outreach.

Based on years of verified data, it’s clear that prospective birth parents’ primary way of finding adoption professionals (and your adoptive family profile) is through Google. Because of this, we know that more web traffic means a shorter average adoption wait time.

Additionally, these types of adoption professionals are “match and release,” meaning that once an adoption opportunity is found, you’ll be referred to another adoption professional to complete the rest of the process. This can lead to a confusing, inconsistent adoption experience and could create a higher likelihood of an adoption failing.

Why Work With American Adoptions?

Unlike other adoption professionals, we are truly a full-service adoption agency. We’ll be with you through every step of the adoption process, from your first phone call to the day placement is made and beyond. With American Adoptions, you’ll have your own dedicated adoption specialist to provide support throughout the entire adoption process. We also offer many unique adoption services that you can only find with our agency. These services include:

Financial Protection

When you pursue adoption, it can be not only an emotional commitment but a financial commitment as well. This is why we’ve put the best protections in place, like our adoption protection plan, to protect you in case an adoption disruption occurs. Our Risk-Sharing Program refunds most (if not all) of your financial investment so that you can pursue another adoption opportunity without repaying fees.

Since our program began, it has saved adoptive families over $4.6 million dollars and has given many families another chance to adopt.

Adoption Video Profiles

Adoptive families will get the opportunity to create an adoptive family video profile. Unlike other adoption professionals who offer print profiles, we help you create a video profile that goes beyond letters and pictures to present a real-life look into your life.

The video profile you create highlights your personalities, interests, other family members, pets, home and most importantly, your excitement to become parents. Through conversations with birth parents, we’ve learned that these video profiles are one of the reasons they choose to work with our agency. This means that you have a better shot at finding an adoption opportunity which in turn shortens the average adoption wait time.

Post-Placement Counseling and Support

Our adoption services don’t end with placement. Our adoption specialists will continue to provide support and guidance following the adoption. Whatever questions or concerns you have in the years to come, we will always be there for you – to get you any post-adoption help you may need. We make sure you’ll forever have our care and support.

When you work with our agency, you’ll never have to wait a long time to become a mom and dad. Through our extensive marketing and unmatched adoption services, you’ll be in the best position to make your dreams of becoming parents a reality in a short amount of time.

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