Adoptive Family Coordinator, Mike AguilarWhat is your name and position?

Michael Aguilar, Adoptive Family Coordinator

How long have you been working for American Adoptions?

8 years

What are your tasks at American Adoptions?

Educating adoptive families about domestic adoption, and I also provide support services for potential adoptive families that start the adoption process with our agency.

What does a typical work day look like?

A typical day would be corresponding with families at various stages in the adoption process either by phone or email to see how things are progressing with adoption plans or need any support regarding their next steps

What is your favorite part of working for American Adoptions?

I love our staff here at American Adoptions and the closeness we have as a staff. In addition to that, I enjoy being on the phone with different types of adoptive families that I correspond with on a daily basis, because every family is unique in their own way.

What is your favorite time of year at American Adoptions?

I like the holiday seasons because I enjoy the post cards that we get from adoptive families that I may have personally worked with that thank me for the service I provided them and the help I provided with completing their family. I also enjoy doing seminars throughout the year. It’s great to travel and experience new cities, and I also like the opportunity to meet potential adoptive families because it is definitely a more personal connection.

Do you have any favorite adoption memories?

I enjoy the adoptive family get-togethers because you are able to meet the families that you have helped to complete their families but also their little ones as well. The picnics just make things more real for me knowing that I had a part in completing their family.

How many adoptions have you been a part of? 

200 plus? I am not sure.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in your position?

My biggest accomplishment to date has been scheduling our adoptive family picnics and having it expand, not only here in Kansas but also on the West and East Coast as well. 🙂

Website PhotosIs there anything else you want to share?

I never thought I would be working in the adoption field when I got out of college because I knew absolutely nothing about adoption whatsoever, and now 8 years later, I am educating potential adoptive families about domestic adoption and travelling the country trying to teach these families how to make an educated decision when choosing an adoption professional… Crazy!!!