When we see an available adoption situation that we are interested in, should we contact you to make sure our profile is being shown? We see some situations that seem to be what we’re looking for and want to make sure we’re not missing out.

We get this question often. American Adoptions posts adoption situations for birth mothers who have completed information, have been working with one of our adoption birth parent specialists and are receiving counseling and assessment services. These are birth mothers who need to select an adoptive family right now. Sometimes a situation is posted because no active families have APQs or budgets to fulfill the situation or the birth mother’s preferences. Sometimes the birth mother is looking for something in addition to what our current families possess, so we need to find more families etc.

Any family can inquire by emailing situations@americanadoptions.com. These are real, current situations for which we actively need families, so if you ever see a situation posted and wish to know more, contact us right away. Many successful adoptions have been completed using this tool!

Remember: To be considered for the adoption situations listed, you must have an approved adoption home study that is current (completed in the last 12 months) and be able to send it to our office upon request. You must also be able to provide all required supporting documents at our request. To learn what we require in an American Adoptions-approved home study or what supporting documents you must provide, please see the home study section of our website. If you do not have these items in hand, speak with your home study agency and learn how to acquire these documents if you are chosen for the situation.

If you do not have a home study at this time, you are not eligible for a current situation. However, if you would like to have a home study done, please see our home study information. If you do not live in a state where American Adoptions can provide your home study, please visit 1-800-HomeStudy for home study agencies in your state.

Please Note: Adoption situations represent an extremely small percentage of American Adoptions’ cases. Situations are listed when we are unable to locate an adoptive family from our waiting list. Although many adoption situations include reported drug usage, medical concerns or other factors, these are rare and do not represent the majority of our cases. Any “at-risk” fees associated with these situations do NOT apply to families who are currently active with American Adoptions.

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