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Welcome to American Adoptions' current adoption situations page. American Adoptions specializes in the adoptions of healthy newborns and infants. We are involved in over 300 domestic adoptions each year, with 75 percent of our families adopting within our estimated wait times. With some of the lowest average waiting times in adoption it is no wonder why hundreds of families turn to American Adoptions each year to help realize their adoption dream. This page is intended for prospective adoptive couples who are paper ready to be considered for any of the situations. Please contact us at 1-800-ADOPTION with any questions.

Available Situations
Families needed immediately for these babies


In order to be considered for the situations listed, you must have an approved adoption home study, current within the last 12 months, and be able to fax or mail it to our office upon our request. You must also be able to provide all items on our list of required supporting documents at that time. For information about what we require for your completed home study to be approved by American Adoptions, or what supporting documents you must provide, please see the home study section of our website. If you are interested in one of the situations, and you do not have all of these items in hand, but your home study agency has them, you should speak with your home study agency to verify the steps you will need to take to acquire these documents in the case you are chosen for the situation.

If you do not have a home study at this time, you may not be eligible for a current situation. However, if you would like to have a home study completed to use in the future, please click here to see our home study information. If you do not live in a state where American Adoptions can provide your home study, please visit 1-800-HomeStudy for home study agencies in your state.

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