Current Adoption Situations for Prepared Families

Welcome to American Adoptions' available adoption situations page.

This page is intended for any prospective adoptive parents who have completed their home study and can be considered immediately for any of these adoption situations. Many of these adoption situations are brought to us through our Adoption Resource Center, a network of adoption professionals who partner with American Adoptions to help birth parent clients find the perfect family.

Please remember that due to varying and sometimes complex state laws involved with interstate adoptions, in addition to the needs and desires of individual birth parents, some prospective adoptive families may not be eligible to be shown in every situation.


In order to be considered for the available situations listed, you must have:

  • An Approved Adoption Home Study - Your home study must be current within the last 12 months, and you must be able to fax or mail it (and all of the items on our list of required supporting documents) to our office upon our request. For information about our requirements for an American Adoptions-approved home study or the supporting documents you must provide, please see the home study section of our website.
  • A Completed Adoption Profile - Although we don't require a specific type of profile from non-American Adoptions' families, we do need a profile with text and photos and/or video (preferably in electronic form) that we can present to the woman so that she can get a better sense of who you are.

If you are interested in one of the adoption situations and do not have all of these items in hand, but your home study agency or adoption professional has them, you should verify that you can acquire these documents prior to having your profile presented to the birth family.

To learn more about American Adoptions, please click the following to request free adoption information, or you may view our available situations by clicking the link below.

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