Adoption Home Study Process

What is a home study?

A home study is required for every adoption, whether it is an international or a domestic adoption. This study is a basic overview of your life - including criminal background checks, your finances and even your personal relationships. It is used by the courts to assess if a stable environment exists for a family to receive an adoptive placement.

In addition to a traditional domestic or international adoption, many organizations offering embryo adoption also require a home study. Embryo adoption is a relatively new process in the adoption realm, however it is quickly becoming more common. A home study for an embryo adoption is virtually identical to the home study process for a traditional domestic adoption, however some embryo donation organizations may require additional steps or paperwork.

A home study is often the lengthiest step when preparing to adopt. This is because it requires criminal background checks, which often take time for state agencies to process, and other items, such as birth certificates and marriage licenses, which can take time for some families to locate or receive copies of from the appropriate state agency. Adoptive families considering adoption are encouraged to begin the home study process as soon as possible, as this important step is often required by adoption professionals before they will begin the process of connecting a family with an expectant mother or child.

It is also important to note that there are states, courts and adoption agencies that will only accept a home study from a licensed adoption agency. To find a qualified provider in your area, please select your state below:

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