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10 Things that Scientific Research Says about Open Adoption

American Adoptions encourages open adoption because we have seen firsthand that it is beneficial for everyone involved — and the research backs it up.


26 Years of Creating Families with American Adoptions

In honor of American Adoptions’ 26th Anniversary, we wanted to share with you something special we put together over the past year…


What Does an Adoption Specialist Do?

Choosing adoption is a big decision. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to be the adoptive family, or if you are the birth family. Both parties have a lot to consider when they choose adoption. The support of loved ones is extremely important and necessary. Also important is the support of an adoption specialist.

An adoption specialist’s role is vast. They are educators, counselors, and advocates for both birth families and adoptive families.


Q&A with Executive Director Jennifer Kittredge

We want to bring you, our readers, into the day-to-day of our agency by sharing more about the people you get to work with through each phase of the process!

As an Executive Director, Jennifer works closely with our adoptive family and birth parent specialists as well as local attorneys in Florida. She is there to build relationships and help expand American Adoptions of Florida; she has been extensively involved in the work that American Adoptions does, and her knowledge and support help families have a positive and fulfilling adoption experience. Keep reading to learn more about Jennifer and the life of an Executive Director!


National Foster Care Month: Looking Back at Our Roots

Each May, National Foster Care Month serves to raise awareness of the facts to encourage families to explore foster care and foster-to-adopt programs. During the month of May (and every other month of the year) we ask for your help in promoting these programs and celebrating the amazing foster parents, volunteers, mentors, child welfare professionals and others who help children in foster care find permanent homes and connections.

For American Adoptions, our connections to foster care run deep. So, to help celebrate National Foster Care Month, we’re sharing the story of how one family’s commitment to foster care grew into a passion for building loving families.


Thank You, Social Workers!

March is National Social Work Month and here at American Adoptions we want to take a minute to thank our wonderful social workers! These amazing people work tirelessly to help build families and we couldn’t be more proud of all they do. Thanks for making American Adoptions great!


Our Founders – Ted, Susan and Scott’s Adoption Story

February 13 was our 25th birthday and to celebrate we want to share with you our founders’ adoption story. Watch the video below or read Susan’s story.

By Susan Mars, Co-Founder of American Adoptions

When I was growing up, all I really wanted to do was marry the man of my dreams and start a family. I married the man of my dreams but the family part was not able to be, at least not biologically the way most people plan. After many failed pregnancies, we made the decision to adopt an infant. We knew we both wanted to be parents and we knew we could love a child the same regardless if we gave birth to him or her.


American Adoptions Turns 25!

In 1991, after recently graduating from college, a young Scott Mars was in search of a way to give back to the world. Having been adopted as an infant, and having watched his parents foster around 140 babies, he felt that giving back through adoption would be a wonderful way to honor his unique history.


New Year, New Agency

Since 1992 American Adoptions has helped create thousands of families through adoption. Every day our dedicated staff helps adoptive parents and expectant mothers find each other and facilitate the perfect adoption relationship. We are so passionate about creating families that we wanted to find a …


Q&A with Birth Parent Specialist Brighid Titus

Staff Photos Brighid TitusWe want to bring you, our readers, into the day-to-day of our agency by sharing more about the people you get to work with through …

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