With June right around the corner, this is an important time to raise awareness about the challenges faced by those struggling to conceive. Infertility affects millions of people worldwide, and yet it remains a conversation that is clouded by shame and secrecy.

A new report from the World Health Organization estimated that 17.5 percent of people across the globe have experienced infertility at some point in their lives. Our aim this month is to break down the stigma surrounding infertility and provide helpful information and resources to those struggling to conceive.

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The Importance of National Infertility Awareness Month

National infertility awareness month is celebrated in June to increase awareness regarding the fertility issues faced by millions across the globe. The importance of this month is to:

1. Increase awareness regarding infertility issues.

Many people around the world are unaware of infertility issues. Some people go through their lives not knowing what infertility actually means. Although it seems like a catch-all term that describes the difficulty of getting pregnant, there’s more that goes into an infertility diagnosis.

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, infertility is defined as the result of a disease or disorder of the male or female reproductive tract which prevents the conception of a child or the ability to carry a pregnancy to delivery. For a diagnosis to be made, you would have to be unable to get pregnant after one year of having regular, unprotected sex.

2. Introduces solutions to couples experiencing infertility.

One of the goals of infertility awareness month is to provide an opportunity to educate the public about the different causes of infertility and the various treatment options available. This includes fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and intrauterine insemination (IUI).

There are lifestyle changes that can positively impact fertility, such as:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Reducing alcohol consumption
  • Managing stress

3. Gives hope to people experiencing infertility challenges

Infertility awareness month reveals that infertility is more common than people think. Spreading awareness around infertility can help empower those who are experiencing infertility challenges. It can provide a platform for people to share their stories, advocate for themselves and raise awareness about the impact infertility can have.

During infertility month, people struggling to conceive can connect with others who are going through the same challenges. This can help provide a sense of community and support that can be crucial in maintaining hope during what can be a challenging time.

Fertility Treatments vs. Adoption

Although some fertility treatments may help you conceive naturally, the success rate of IVF is roughly 40%. This means you would have to go through multiple cycles to achieve a successful pregnancy. Fertility treatments can be physically taxing, emotionally draining and the costs can quickly add up.

When you pursue adoption, you’ll find peace of mind knowing that at the end of the process, your wishes of becoming a parent are fulfilled. Although it is not a cure for infertility, it is a separate family-building method for those interested in becoming parents.

Tara and Jeremy kept their struggles with infertility a secret and spent two years and thousands of dollars on fertility treatments. After learning the treatments weren’t working for them, they turned their focus to adoption and never looked back.

“Today, by the Grace of God, I am a changed woman, and I do not regret one single failed fertility treatment,” Tara said.  “I do not wish that it had been ‘easy.’ Everything about fertility treatments was hard. Everything about adoption was easy. That’s how I know this was always God’s plan — he just kept opening doors, and now we have a son.”

Infertility awareness month serves as a reminder that infertility affects millions of people worldwide. We can help create hope for families experiencing infertility challenges through education and awareness. To learn more about your family-building options, call us at 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with an experienced specialist. You can also fill out our free contact form to get more free adoption information now.