Why Adoption is Always Safer When Working with a Trusted Agency

When you have an unplanned pregnancy, adoption can be a life-changing decision that offers hope and opportunities for you and your pregnancy.

This article will outline how to do an independent adoption and what makes it different from an agency adoption.

What is Independent Adoption?

Independent adoption refers to the process of adopting a child without involving an adoption agency. In an independent adoption, the birth parents and adoptive parents find each other and make arrangements for the adoption, in some cases with a facilitator or lawyer.

How to Do an Independent Adoption vs. Adoption with an Agency

There are several steps to an adoption, and these steps include legal processes and delicate relationship building. Below you can see some of the major steps outlined and how to proceed with an independent adoption or an agency adoption.

Finding an Adoption Match

Independently: Finding an adoption match is one of the most significant steps in the adoption process. (If you have someone in mind, see Identified Adoption below).

If you are looking for an adoption match, in some cases, people may post on forums like Craigslist or use online ads to find each other, but this can be risky.

Some may also seek out adoption facilitators, which may also lead to risk. As you are considering adoption, hopeful parents also may wonder how to find a birth mother for independent adoption safely. And while you may find someone, verifying your safety can be difficult, and in some states, the use of adoption facilitators and independent adoption advertising is prohibited.

With an Agency: American Adoptions can help you find an adoption match safely. Not only will your adoption match meet the basic legal requirements for adoption, but you can also rest easy knowing that adoptive families have been thoroughly screened, are excited about adoption, and are ready to provide a loving family through open adoption.

Cost of Adoption

Independently: Independent adoption costs may be variable for both birth parents and adoptive parents. Since independent adoption does not automatically provide pregnant women with support during pregnancy and birth, birth mothers may find themselves paying out of pocket for some services.

With an Agency: American Adoptions provides free services to pregnant women who choose adoption, and for adoptive families, American Adoptions shares the costs of adoption up front to assure that families are prepared for the costs of adoption and able to follow through if the family is matched.

Legal Requirements

Independently: Even if you choose independent adoption, you will still likely need a lawyer to help you with the process of adoption, as there are several legal steps. One of the main ways that a lawyer may help is by creating an independent adoption placement agreement.

You may also need legal help to file paperwork, help you through legal proceedings, and ensure that you are complying with state law so that your adoption is valid in your state. With independent adoption, you will need to find a lawyer on your own, and you can get started by searching for family lawyers in your area.

With an Agency: If you choose to adopt through American Adoptions, legal help will be provided to help you throughout the adoption process at no cost. Our adoption professionals have found great attorneys with a track record of helping families through adoption successfully.

What is Identified Adoption?

Some people seek out independent adoption because they already have someone in mind as an adoption match, but with identified adoption, you can get help from an adoption agency even if you have already found a great partner in your adoption. If you already have someone in mind for your adoption, you can get help from our agency to complete the steps of adoption here.

Get Adoption Help

Adoption can be a great option that offers hope and opportunity, but it also has some steps that you will need assistance with. If you want help on your adoption journey, you can always reach out to an adoption professional here or call 1-800-ADOPTION to connect with an adoption specialist.