In a world brimming with stories of joy, compassion and love, it is crucial to dispel the myths that surround adoption and uncover the truth behind this beautiful journey.

From debunking age-old stereotypes to shining light on the vital importance of proper adoption procedures, we will dive into the realm of ethical adoptions and shed light on five surprising facts you didn’t know about adoption and ethics.

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5 Facts about Ethical Adoptions that May Surprise You

With every adoption, lives are forever changed. Yet the subject remains shrouded in misunderstandings and unfounded beliefs. Many have turned to social media to express their concerns over the modern adoption process. We’re here to debunk some of the common misconceptions surrounding the ethics of adoption to provide a clear picture of how beautiful adoption can be.

Fact 1: Ethical Adoption Agencies are Heavily Regulated

Adoption isn’t an unregulated process like many people think it is. In fact, some of the best ethical adoption agencies, like national adoption agencies, are subject to extensive regulation. Unlike local professionals who are only familiar with their state laws, national agencies have staff members who are experts in each state’s laws.

These adoption agencies operate in plenty of states across the country, meaning they’re constantly reviewed on an annual basis. This can provide more protection for adoptive families, birth parents and adoptees. When you work with a national adoption agency like American Adoptions, you can find peace of mind knowing that you’ll never experience ethical issues in adoption.

Fact 2: Birth Parents Play an Active Role in the Process

Gone are the days when birth parents weren’t involved in the process. Today, many ethical adoptions put birth mothers in complete control of the process. Ethical adoption agencies recognize the importance of maintaining connections with the birth parents whenever possible.

These agencies recognize the brave and selfless decision of birth mothers to place their babies up for adoption. That’s why prospective birth mothers are allowed to call all the shots throughout their entire adoption journey. From choosing an adoptive family to deciding if they want to maintain contact, every decision starts with the birth mother.

Fact 3: Adoptees Have Access to Their Medical History

When open adoption was less common, adoptees were left to wonder about their genetic and family medical history. Ethical adoptions today emphasize the importance of preserving and providing access to this vital information. Birth parents that choose an open or semi-open adoption relationship can stay connected to their children.

This means that when an adoptee is seeking information about their history, they’ll be able to contact their birth parent directly. Birth parents are encouraged to share medical history and other relevant details to help adoptees understand their identity.

Fact 4: Ethical Adoption Agencies Support Everyone in the Adoption Triad

Some national adoption agencies, like American Adoptions, provide unconditional support to everyone in the adoption triad. Birth parents, adoptees and adoptive families will always be taken care of, no matter what. Adoption can be an emotional experience, and all parties will get the support and counseling they need to process any difficult emotions and remain committed to their adoption plan.

At American Adoptions, we have trained specialists who will answer all your questions and provide the support you need during the adoption journey. As an ethical adoption agency, you’ll find comfort in knowing we do whatever it takes to make your adoption experience the best it can be.

Fact 5: Some Ethical Adoption Agencies Provide Post-Placement Support

Adoption support and counseling don’t end once the adoption is complete. Ethical adoption agencies recognize that the adoption triad may need support following the adoption. Whatever concerns or questions you have in the years to come, American Adoptions will always be there for you.

We can also connect you with local support groups and other resources, should you need them. When you work with American Adoptions, you will forever have our care and support.

How to Adopt Ethically [5 Steps]

If you’re thinking about adopting through an ethical adoption agency, there are a few steps you need to take to begin the process:

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