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Should You Consider Placing Your Baby in a Transracial Adoption?

Placing your child with parents of a different race has its challenges, but it can also be a rewarding and valuable experience. Here’s what you should consider.


A Birth Mother’s Perspective on Adoption Doubts

You will doubt yourself. You will doubt your choice. You will doubt your confirmations. It is normal. It is natural. It is the process most birth parent experience.


Dear Birth Son — A Letter from Your Birth Parents

Dear our youngest son, 

We remember the day I found out you were inside me. As you grew, I felt you kick, hiccup and glide in …


“I Don’t Want My Baby After Finding Out the Gender” – What Next?

As much as expectant parents say they just want a healthy, happy baby, many people have at least some desire for a specific gender — a …


10 Things Expectant Mothers Should Look for in an Adoption Agency

Whether you are ready to make an adoption plan or are still debating your options, knowing what to look for in an adoption agency can make the process easier.


I Thought About You

I thought about you, as the morning light burst through my windows. I think about me playing the role of your mother, not your birth mother; I’d jump on your bed jokingly, singing loudly in an attempt to wake you up.


Is Adoption Right for Your Unplanned Pregnancy? 5 Questions to Ask

An unplanned pregnancy can be a stressful and complicated time in a woman’s life. If you are in this situation, you may not be sure what path is best for you. If you are even slightly considering adoption, you have come to the right …


7 Hurtful Things People Say to Expectant Women Choosing Adoption

When you’re considering placing your baby for adoption, you are going through a unique emotional experience. If you decide to make an adoption plan and pursue this path, you will be looking for an adoption support team to help you through this journey. This …


Celebrating All Parents on Parents’ Day

In the adoption community, children possess two sets of parents to celebrate: their birth parents and their adoptive parents. Both sets of these parents can and should be celebrated this Parents’ Day.


“Open Adoption is Not a Sad Story” – Mariam’s Adoption Journey

When birth mother Mariam* learned of her unplanned pregnancy, she knew that abortion wasn’t right for her — despite the pressure  she felt from her baby’s birth father …

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