When you can’t afford pregnancy, you have options available to you. As an adoption agency, we offer 24/7 unplanned pregnancy support—call 1-800-ADOPTION or click here to get help now.

Some of the Covid-19 emergency relief measures that have been in place since the height of the pandemic have been reduced. In some cases, that means states will begin processing Medicaid redeterminations starting April 1, 2023, and some may lose Medicaid coverage.

If you have been affected by recent legislation and lost Medicaid while pregnant, you may be wondering what your options are for your pregnancy. In this article, you can get answers for women who can’t afford pregnancy costs.

What To Do If You Can’t Afford an Unexpected Pregnancy

Consider Your Options

If you are pregnant but can’t afford pregnancy, you have three main options—assistance with parenting, adoption, and abortion.

Getting Assistance with Pregnancy and Parenting

If you lost your healthcare coverage or are struggling financially and can’t afford pregnancy, these struggles can be a huge weight on your shoulders, but there are some options you can still consider if you want to parent.

  • Reapplying for healthcare aid or Medicaid if it has lapsed
  • Seeking out WIC resources
  • Seeking out community or religious support organizations

Overcoming financial struggles can be difficult when you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, but if parenting is the choice for you, you may find that there are resources that can help you through the difficulties.


Adoption can give you, your pregnancy, and an adoptive family a bright future full of love and possibilities. When you choose adoption, you can build a bond with a family and stay in touch with an open adoption.

If you can’t afford pregnancy, adoption can also help you pay for your pregnancy-related expenses so that you don’t need to worry about the cost of pregnancy, hospital stay, or raising a child.

You can get help now by calling 1-800-ADOPTION now.


If you have an unplanned pregnancy and can’t afford the costs, another option is abortion.

If you do not want to carry a pregnancy, abortion can end your pregnancy, and abortion is generally safe when you get help from trained medical professionals.

Recent legal changes mean that not everyone in the United States has safe, legal access to abortion in their home location. In some locations, you may also have restrictions on whether or not you can get an abortion at certain times. However, if you are in a state that allows abortion for your situation, you can seek out this option from a medical provider.

In some cases, people may change locations for access to this option. For more information on abortion access, you can get help from the resources below.

Get Help

You can always get help from our professionals at American Adoptions by calling 1-800-ADOPTION. Our staff can help you get information about all of your adoption options so that you can make the best choice for you and your pregnancy.

If you choose parenting, there are also many resources to help you budget for parenthood.

You can also get help from federal or local government agencies like Planned Parenthood, especially if you are looking for help covering abortion expenses for your pregnancy.

What are My Options If I Can’t Afford Hospital Bills for Pregnancy?

Whether you choose parenting, adoption, or abortion, you may be able to reduce your costs of pregnancy.

When you choose adoption through American Adoptions, your pregnancy and delivery-related hospital bills will be paid for—usually through a combination of insurance and support from the adoptive family. Learn more about adoption support here.

If you choose to parent and are struggling with hospital bills during your pregnancy, you may also be eligible for charitable discounts from community organizations, your hospital, or religious organizations. For local information in your area, if you can’t afford pregnancy, you can view parenting resources in your area.

And if you choose abortion, in some cases, you can get help paying for your doctor or hospital bills.

Get Help Now

Whether you can’t afford pregnancy, need help with hospital bills, or are simply considering your options for your pregnancy, our unplanned pregnancy and adoption professionals are here to support you 24/7. Call 1-800-ADOPTION now to get help, or click here.