When you have an unplanned pregnancy, you have several options available to you; in some cases, one of those choices is medical abortion or abortion pills. 

Abortion pills can end a pregnancy, but in some cases, you may not have access to or the option to use them. We will share what abortion pills are and how to find them. If you can’t get abortion pills, we will share your options. You can also get help from our unplanned pregnancy and adoption professionals by calling 1-800-ADOPTION now.

What are Abortion Pills?

Abortion pills are medications that end pregnancy by disrupting the hormone progesterone and causing the uterus to empty. These medications are called mifepristone (RU-486) and misoprostol.

Can I Get the Abortion Pill Near Me?

Recent legislation has changed laws regarding abortions and access to the abortion pill. Depending on your situation and where you live, you may have access to the abortion pill at a local medical office.

Many states restrict when during your pregnancy you are able to get the abortion pill. In some states and in some cases, you may be able to get an in-office medical abortion even if you aren’t able to get an abortion pill. In other states, many or all types of abortion are legally banned. You can view state abortion restrictions and protection information here.

If you can’t get abortion pills in your area, some people move locations to get abortion pills in another area. You can find more information on where you can get abortion pills here.

If you are concerned about abortion pill costs, you can view information about financial help for abortion pills here.

Can I Get Abortion Pill Reversal?

There is no standard protocol for abortion pill reversal, so if you choose to take abortion pills, you should be certain of your decision.

While some independent medical professionals and anti-abortion activists administer progesterone to counteract the effects of mifepristone, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists reject these treatments as they have not been thoroughly tested.

However, Planned Parenthood notes that if you have taken the first medication (mifepristone) and not the second (misoprostol) and are having second thoughts, you should contact your medical provider as there is a chance the abortion pills will be ineffective.

If you are having uncertainties about choosing abortion, choosing adoption can mean that you can have time to consider your decision fully. Get help from our unplanned pregnancy and adoption professionals 24/7 at 1-800-ADOPTION or when you click here.

Can I Get the Abortion Pill Online?

Organizations like Planned Parenthood provide services remotely, and in some cases, you can order the abortion pill online and receive it by mail. However, the abortion pill cannot be shipped to all locations.

If you choose to look for abortion pills online, check your local laws about this option and only order medications from trusted sources.

Also, be aware that there are possible side effects of the abortion pill that can require emergency medical assistance, which is why medical providers recommend that you have access to a doctor and emergency room during and after you begin the medication.

What to Do if I Can’t Get Abortion Pills

If It is Too Late in Your Pregnancy

In some cases, you may have state laws that prevent you from getting abortion pills after a certain time frame in your pregnancy. In some cases, you may be able to get an in-office abortion at a medical office. In other cases, state law may prevent abortion for your pregnancy.

You may be able to change locations temporarily or permanently and access abortion medical services, but be aware of how state laws may affect this option.

If you cannot access abortion and would like to, it is likely that you have already considered parenting. If these two options are not for you, you can also consider adoption. Our adoption professionals can help you understand your options, and you can get help when you call 1-800-ADOPTION.

Adoption is Always an Option

No matter where you are in your unplanned pregnancy journey, choosing adoption is always an option.  Whether you are unable to access the abortion pill early in your pregnancy, are trying to find pregnancy resources later in pregnancy, or are looking at your pregnancy options, American Adoptions can help you.

Our goal is to help pregnant women considering adoption create a personalized adoption plan and find the perfect family to create a better future full of love and opportunity for everyone involved.

We’ve helped build more than 13,000 families, and we can help you create the future you deserve.

You can get information about your choices and get help making an action plan for a better future for yourself and your pregnancy. Call 1-800-ADOPTION or click here now.