Adoption is a beautiful and selfless act that brings joy and fulfillment to countless families nationwide. Unfortunately, adoption is often a misunderstood topic surrounded by stigmas and myths.

We’re here to shed light on the top five common adoption myths and stereotypes to promote healthy conversations around the truth behind adoption. With our help, you’ll be on the right track toward knowing the true beauty of adoption.

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Top 5 Common Myths About Adoption

Myth 1: Adopted Children are Troubled or Always Have Issues.

The reality behind this adoption myth is that most modern adoptions involve an extensive screening process to ensure the adoptive family is ready to adopt a child. At American Adoptions, we make sure the family is able to provide a safe, nurturing and stable environment. We consider adoption-ready families to be:

  • 100% committed to adoption
  • Able to emotionally, financially and physically provide for the needs of their child
  • Safe and stable family who can raise a child in a safe environment
  • Ready and excited to love their child unconditionally

American Adoptions is committed to the well-being of everyone in the adoption triad. Our comprehensive services and support help equip adoptive families with the resources needed to meet the unique needs of their adopted children.

Myth 2: Birth Parents Don’t Care about Their Children.

Wrong! Birth parents choose to place their children up for adoption out of immense love and concern for their child’s well-being. Various circumstances, such as financial constraints or personal difficulties, may lead birth parents to choose adoption for their child.

Placing a child for adoption is an immense act of strength and selflessness, driven by the desire to give the child the best life possible. This birth parent adoption myth is often misunderstood by those unaware of the different circumstances that lead a birth mother to choose adoption. Acknowledging the sacrifice birth mothers make in choosing adoption can help debunk this common adoption myth.

Myth 3: Adopted Children Aren’t Allowed to Stay in Touch with Their Birth Parents.

This is far from the truth! The reality is that most modern adoptions today allow birth parents and their children to stay in touch. Open adoption recognizes the importance of maintaining connections and relationships that honor a child’s identity and heritage.

Adoptive families and birth parents can agree upon various levels of openness, which may involve:

  • Email
  • Text
  • Phone calls
  • Video chat
  • In-person visits
  • Handwritten letters

The purpose behind open adoption is to put the best interest of the child first. By debunking this common adoption myth, we can promote a more accurate understanding of the evolution of adoption, where openness and ongoing contact are increasingly recognized and valued.

Myth 4: Adoptees Won’t Have a Better Life if They’re Adopted

Wrong! Adoption provides children with endless opportunities they wouldn’t have had before. It gives them the chance to grow up in a stable, nurturing environment where their physical, emotional and educational needs are met. Adoptive families go through extensive screening to ensure they are mentally, emotionally and physically ready to provide a safe and loving home.

This adoption myth doesn’t take into account an adoptive family’s desire to provide unconditional love, support and opportunities for their children’s growth and development. Many adoptees have gone on to pursue goals and aspirations they may not have had available before.

Myth 5: Birth Mothers Aren’t Allowed to Hold Their Baby After Birth

Birth mothers will always have the opportunity to hold their baby after birth. This adoption myth misrepresents the realities of the adoption process and fails to acknowledge the well-being of birth mothers. At American Adoptions, we prioritize our birth mothers to ensure they receive the support and care they need throughout the adoption process and during their hospital stay.

In many adoption situations, birth mothers will have the opportunity for skin-to-skin contact with their child. This can help provide closure, allowing the birth mother to say her goodbyes properly. However, some birth mothers may choose to avoid any contact with their children, and that’s OK, too.

Our goal is to help birth mothers have a safe and supported adoption experience where they call all the shots. Many of these adoption myths and stereotypes misrepresent how beautiful adoption can be. With the right education and guidance, adoption can be a loving journey that provides a better life for everyone involved.  

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