When you choose adoption, you’re putting your baby’s needs before your own, making a decision that can create a brighter future for you and your baby.  We know that you want nothing more than for your baby to live a life filled with endless opportunities.

Many women from different walks of life choose adoption for different reasons. Although each situation is unique, birth parents choose adoption to give their baby the life they know they’re unable to provide.

The reason I chose adoption is because I want the best for my baby. It’s not that I couldn’t love my baby, because I have plenty of love to go around. It is just that I don’t want to take from my two kids now by trying to take care of a baby.” – Tereasa, Birth Mother.

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Will My Baby Think I Didn’t Love Them? [The Realities of Your Choice]

We know that there are a lot of emotions that surface when you make the brave decision to place your baby up for adoption. These emotions are normal, but remember that choosing adoption can be one of the best things you could ever do for your baby.

“For all of you girls that are in a similar predicament do what is best for your child, make something of yourself and don’t ever give up. Everything seems to happen for a reason and eventually things work out just right.” – Katie, birth mother. Read her story here.

Because of you, your baby will grow up with two loving adoptive parents ready to give your baby everything they need to live a life filled with love and opportunity.

With adoption, you can:

1. Find a loving family for your baby

When you first thought about adoption, you probably envisioned the life you want your child to have.  Because we work with hundreds of families across the country, we can help you find the family you’re envisioning.

Whether you picture your child living in a big city, near the ocean or somewhere in between, we’ll help you find the best match based on your preferences and vision.

Adoption means you have two families. One is the family that gave you life, and the other is the family that gave you a home. Because of adoption, I am special.” — Mia, adoptee. Watch her story here.

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2. Create a brighter future for you and your child

Adoption paves the way toward a brighter future for your baby. Your brave choice is the reason why your baby will grow up doing things they may not have been able to accomplish otherwise. Adoptive families are ready and excited to provide a loving, stable home where your child can grow and thrive.

With access to quality schools, healthcare and a supportive family, your baby can chase dreams and reach their full potential. By considering adoption, you’re making a loving choice that puts your baby’s future first. Not only that, but your choice can help you take back control of your life to create the future you deserve. Whether that’s going back to school or advancing in your career, you’ll be on the right track toward pursuing your goals.

“I was unable to give my child everything she would have wanted and needed. I have seen the difficult life a single, teenage mother has, especially one trying to balance a baby and college. A college degree is a must. I wanted my child to have everything from the start, including a perfect family with a mom and dad. All I had to give was love, and sometimes love is not enough.” – Jennifer, birth mother. Read her story here.

3. Be a part of your baby’s life for years to come

In movies, adoption was always seen as hush-hush, but that isn’t the case anymore. Most modern adoptions today are open or semi-open, letting you build lifelong relationships for years to come. Open adoption is the decision to have open lines of communication with your child and the adoptive family at whatever level you’re comfortable with.

Some of the more common forms of communication include:

  • Email
  • Text
  • Phone calls
  • Video chat
  • And more

By choosing open adoption, you can see the beauty of your decision unfold right before your eyes. You’ll be a cheerleader on the sidelines, watching your child experience important milestones. From graduations to birthdays, you’ll always be a part of their life.

Through adoption, you’re putting your child’s needs before your own in order to give them the life they deserve. You can focus on life ahead knowing that your child will always be loved unconditionally. To learn more about choosing adoption, speak with our resident birth mother expert who’s been in your shoes. She can walk you through the decision-making process and can help you understand how she made her decision.