A successful adoption experience starts with finding the right adoption professional to guide you during the process. Whether you have already decided to place you child for adoption or are still debating your options, knowing what to look for in an adoption agency will help you make a decision you can feel good about.

Working with an adoption agency allows a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy to build an adoption plan that fits her needs, build a relationship with prospective adoptive families, and receive constant support throughout the process.

Here are ten important things expectant mothers should look for when choosing an adoption professional:

1. 24/7 counseling and support

Adoption counseling is designed to help pregnant women explore their options and learn more about adoption. With American Adoptions, you will work with an adoption specialist who is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout your pregnancy and following the adoption process. Our 24/7 adoption hotline is available to you right now at 1-800-ADOPTION; your call is always free, confidential, and does not obligate you to follow through with the adoption process.

Placing a child for adoption can be an incredibly difficult and emotional decision. Finding an agency that offers professional support throughout is necessary in navigating the adoption process, building a relationship with potential adoptive parents, and making the best choice possible in your circumstances.

2. Your own dedicated adoption specialist

Your adoption professional can make or break your experience. At American Adoptions, your personal adoption specialist will be your advocate and will provide support and guidance as you create an adoption plan that is right for you. She will be your point of contact through every step of the process, so you can get to know her and build a relationship based on compassion and trust.

3. A screening process that’s rooted in trust and honesty

At American Adoptions, prospective birth mothers are screened through their one-on-one relationship with their adoption specialist, prenatal care records, and social medical history (a self-disclosed, confidential document with information about her medical history, family medical history, and substance usage).

American Adoptions does not drug screen birth mothers, instead striving to build relationships with prospective birth parents that are based on trust, communication, and support. Our screening process shows expectant mothers that they are trusted — which leads to stronger bonds between adoptive families and birth mothers and more successful adoptions.

4. Total control over every important decision in the adoption process

Your adoption specialist should help you determine exactly what’s important to you and what you want your adoption experience to look like. An adoption professional can help you make your own adoption plan and use it as a guide for the entire adoption process.

5. Continued services post-adoption

Your American Adoptions specialist will continue to be available to you long after the adoption process is complete. Placing a baby for adoption is one of the most selfless and most difficult decisions a woman can make, often taking time and counseling to fully heal. You can get the free, professional, 24/7 counseling and emotional support you need to move forward after adoption by calling 1-800-ADOPTION.

6. Open adoption requirements for adoptive families

Modern adoptions are almost always open or semi-open. American Adoptions encourages open adoptions so that birth mothers and adoptive families can have an honest relationship with their child and each other. An open adoption allows birth mothers to continue their relationship with their child through photos, letters, phone calls, and in-person visits.

7. Scholarship opportunities

Adoption is a choice that many birth parents make in order to continue pursuing their educational goals. When you go through the adoption process with American Adoptions, you will have the opportunity to be considered for a financial scholarship to help you continue your education.

8. Genuine care and respect for birth mothers

Agencies like American Adoptions provide the services and support prospective birth mothers need for a comfortable, successful adoption. Find an adoption professional that puts your needs first by promoting trust, open communication, constant professional support, and control for the expectant mother throughout the entire process.

9. Positive birth mother reviews/testimonials

Adoption testimonials from women like you will give insight and perspective as you begin your own adoption journey. You can find stories from birth mothers who placed their children for adoption with American Adoptions here.

10. National scope

National adoption agencies like American Adoptions provide services to waiting families and expectant parents across all 50 states and are licensed and regulated in multiple states to ensure they operate legally and ethically. Because they operate in multiple states, these professionals are able to offer more robust services, more adoptive families to choose from, and more.

Working with an adoption agency can make the process of placing your child easier for several reasons. The best adoption professionals will put your needs first and have your best interest at heart throughout the entire adoption process.

To learn more about the benefits of working with American Adoptions, call 1-800-ADOPTION today or request free adoption information.