Adoption has many highs and lows along the journey. If you are now deeply immersed in the process to bring home a child through adoption, then you are currently experiencing the initial emotions. The fear and anxiety arose as you leaned into making the final decision to begin an adoption. As you completed the mounds of paperwork, frustration probably set in at the requirements you had to meet before you could be considered an acceptable adoptive parent. Excitement grew in your heart as you penned your last signature on the necessary documents to allow the search to begin.

Those feelings will be just the tip of the iceberg as you open yourself up to a possible adoption, but no one has prepared you for what to do in the interval period between finalizing your forms and being matched with an expectant mother. The waiting can seem incessant as a match has yet to be made, but find comfort in ways to re-energize yourself during your wait. These ideas can ease your anxiety and even prepare your heart further in the absence of a confirmed match today.

1. Share your story

Many people are curious about adoption. They either have a skewed view of how it really works or harbor questions about what has to be done. Either way, use your opportunities to spread awareness about the love involved in an adoption and even educate those around you on the requirements of being considered as a potential adoptive parent. This will also give you the chance to open up and share if you had struggles before coming to this decision to adopt and what helped to make your decision. You may be surprised who around you can be encouraged by your story.

2. Have a support system

On the long days when it seems like it’s been ages since you first began your adoption process, even the most positive person will need a support system to help them keep their head up and a remind them of the hope to come one day. Surround yourself with family or friends who will be able to provide encouragement on days when disheartening feelings reign over your thoughts.

3. Host fundraisers

Another encouragement during the wait is to host a fundraiser to help your adoption. Not only will a fundraiser get you closer to your goal of the money needed for adoption expenses, but you will witness people gathering around you in support of your decision. You will be amazed at who is willing to benefit your adoption monetarily as it pulls on the heart strings of so many near and far.

4. Enjoy alone time

Before you are bearing the blessing of caring for your child, take a moment for some alone time. Whether you do something for yourself, spend quality time with your spouse, or go with your friends on a fun adventure, take advantage of some alone time before you are accompanied by a child and life’s endeavors are transformed.

5. Prepare for your child

Whether you find comfort in readying yourself by studying parenting and adoption books or you consider this time to prepare a child’s room before their arrival, you can find ways to make this time useful. You can search for a pediatrician in your community, choose a name you would like to give your adopted child, enquire about your health insurance and how to add an adopted child when the time has come, and even search for options for childcare if you must return to work once a paternity/maternity leave has ended. Being the most prepared for your child’s arrival will ultimately ease the anxiety you may feel now and the worry once the placement is complete.

Comfort may not be what you are feeling as you wait by the phone on days when the delay seems unbearable.  However, giving thought to these five ideas can benefit your fatigued heart and a blessing will be the anticipation of your hopes.