Employer-Provided Adoption BenefitsBecome an adoption advocate in your workplace this National Adoption Month by asking your employer to extend employer-provided adoption benefits to you and your coworkers!

It’s estimated that about 50 percent or more of firms across the country offer adoption benefits. But according to Adam Pertman’s book Adoption Nation, only about 0.1 percent of employees use adoption benefits when they are made available. So it’s a low-cost, good-will investment for employers.

Employer-provided adoption benefits can be broken into three big categories – information resources, financial assistance and parental leave – which mirror the same sort of benefits offered to couples having children biologically or with medical assistance. You can read more about the sorts of things included in employer-provided adoption benefits on our website.

Where can I learn more about adoption benefits provided by companies?

  • Find a comprehensive list of companies who have submitted their adoption benefits to DTFA surveys.
  • Order Adoption-Friendly Workplace tool kits for yourself, your employer and your peers.