30 Days of Adoption ReflectionsA couple weeks ago, we sent out a call to families for special Adoption Month Memories and Reflections. A number of families sent us special memories, and we wanted to share a couple of them now and throughout the rest of the month.

“We met our sweet boy on Halloween and brought him home on November 1st. We called him ‘pumpkin’ for about a year.” – Nicole, Adoptive Mom

“November is the month our sweet baby boy was born! We got to bring him home on Thanksgiving Day 2011! So for us, it’s an extra special ‘National Adoption Month!!'” – Tracy, Adoptive Mom

“November is when we adopted our baby girl- the week after Thanksgiving! I’ll never forget walking into the hospital nursery, and the nurse said “Hi, are you here to be the Mom?” I was overwhelmed.” – Kelli, Adoptive Mom

“Everyone always said that the right baby will find you and that it will feel truly meant to be. After a three-year long wait, I was starting to lose faith until we got ‘the call.’ It didn’t occur to me until we signed and dated the agreement that the day was September 24, 2012 – what would have been my Aunt’s birthday. She had passed away the December prior and one of the last things she said to me was ‘I’m going to go and help find your baby’ – and boy did she keep that promise! Dylan was born on February 6, 2013, on my Mom’s birthday! All of this reminds me that there are no coincidences in this life; we’re all cosmically connected, and these children really do find their way to the families they are meant to be with.” -Sean and Susanne, Adoptive Parents

It’s not too late to share an Adoption Reflection or Memory with us! Just send an email to editors@americanadoptions.com!