Adoption Profile QuestionsEvery adoptive family we work with will make an adoptive family print profile with us before they become “activated” – or are available for selection by birth parents. Below are some frequently asked questions about adoptive family print profiles. 

What is a print profile? What does it look like and include?

A print profile is a four-page booklet that is your opportunity to speak to potential birth parents and share what is special or unique about your family. Profiles include text and photos that you write/submit, as well as general information like the state you live in and your job and education; all identifying information is omitted. You’ll also provide us with a list of “family favorites” with everything from your favorite flavor of ice cream to your favorite memory with your spouse.

How does the online profile differ from the print profile?

In print, we have a limited amount of space to work with. Online profiles include everything that is in your print profile as well as additional photos and sometimes additional text. Online profiles also include all of your family favorites and a link to your video profile once it is completed.

Do we have to write so much text?

Yes, you must complete at least six individual “In Your Own Words” sections. We want your profile to appeal to a wide variety of birth parents, so we want to make sure we have a good selection of text to choose from. Sometimes, we’ll ask you to expand on something you mentioned briefly because we think it’s a strongpoint. The more text we receive, the better we get to know you and really understand what makes you unique!

How should we send you our photos?

Unless directed otherwise, you should send us your photos via a CD or flashdrive. Please include captions or rename your photo as the caption. Captions help us to know the “who, what and where” in each photo and help us contextualize their importance. We prefer that you send digital files of photos, as they save us time and are typically better quality; if you send hard copies of photos, you will be charged a scan fee.

Do we have to send so many photos?

Yes, for the same reason we require so much text, we also need lots of photos! It’s important that you send us a variety of photos – you and your spouse together, each of you individually, some posed, some action shots of you doing activities, some with your (or other’s) children, some without kids, etc. – so that birth parents can see different facets of your life. It’s also important for photos to be current so that we give an honest portrayal of your life today. We request that you not send photos that are more than three or four years old.

Do we have to fill out all the family favorites?

Yes – or at least as many as you have an answer to. We have had birth parents choose a family for no other reason than they share the same favorite TV show, dream job, etc. We never know what one thing will make a birth mom feel a connection to a family, so we encourage families to fill out the entire list.

Will you help me with grammar/writing?

Yes, we will work with you to make any necessary suggestions/edits to your profile text. We usually ask that families write text revisions themselves, so it is in their own voice, but if you’re really struggling, we can assist you.

How long does the process take?

The profile process can take several weeks to complete. We work to process them has quickly as we can, but we want to make sure we are delivering a really great profile that highlights all the great things about you, while also appealing to a wide variety of birth parents.

Can we update our profile?

Families can make changes to their profile after it has been finalized for a $40 Change Fee. This fee is waived for certain exceptions. You can speak with your Adoptive Family Specialist or a Media Specialist for details.

Can we design our own profile?

No, American Adoptions builds print profiles in a set of templates. This allows us to create a level playing field among adoptive families, while also giving us the flexibility to show each family at their best. Our templates also make it easy for potential birth parents to compare profiles and find specific information that they might be looking for.

We made a profile for another agency. Can we use that profile?

For the same reason as above, we insist that you complete a print profile through American Adoptions.

Why does the printed version of our profile look different from the PDF looked on our computer?

After your print profile is completed, you will be sent printed copies for your personal records/keepsakes. Please note that the colors and brightness of the printed copy may appear different from they do on your computer monitor. This is due to differences in computer monitors’ color output and quality as well as the printing process.