VP Promo Booklet 2Every family we work with, will make an Adoptive Family Video Profile with Show Pro Media. These video profiles provide prospective birth mothers a glimpse into your life and showcase your family’s personalities, sense of humor, sincerity, excitement to become parents, love for one another and more.

Filming the video profile might seem overwhelming, awkward or even embarrassing at first, but our Video Specialists are experts at helping adoptive families look their best on camera. To help prepare you for shooting your video profile, we’ve collected a few tips that can guide you through what to do — and what not to do — to help make your video profile as successful as possible.


Follow instructions

Go through the video profile instructions packet from beginning to end. This packet is provided to you when you are ready to start filming your video profile, and it includes an outline of components needed for the profile, as well as tips for lighting, audio, background, and even what to wear.

Carefully reading the instructions in this manual and following them through your process of shooting video will ensure your video portrays you accurately on the first take!

When in doubt, shoot more

Get plenty of “short spots,” footage of your family’s interests, activities and hobbies that show your family in action. These clips bring life to your interviews and can include anything from gatherings with family and friends to trips to the park, a museum or a sporting event. Shoot plenty of footage so our team of video editors can choose the very best clips to highlight your family.

Consider distractions

Everything from your air conditioner to a restless dog can create noise that makes the audio of your video difficult to hear. Try to find a quiet space with a clean, simple background to limit distractions.

Take turns

During your interview, it is important that both potential parents talk. If only one parent is responding to the interview questions or appearing in short spots, it could give the impression that the other parent is disinterested or uninvolved in the adoption process.

Both of you should provide your thoughts on the interview questions, and you should take turns filming short spots to make sure you both get time in front of the camera.

Watch videos

When your video profile kit is mailed to you, you will receive a flash drive of educational videos that give more information and examples of how to successfully shoot your video. Watch these videos and view other families’ video profiles online for tips and ideas of what to do.


Don’t move while filming

If you are holding the camera to shoot short spots, avoid walking with the camera — this can create shaky footage. Also, avoid using the camera’s zoom function. It is best to pick a distance and let the camera roll.

Don’t script your interviews

These videos are meant to highlight your sincerity, so act natural. Don’t read your answers to an interview question, and keep the tone conversational, as if you’re talking to a friend.

Don’t skip questions

Be sure to fully answer all the interview questions listed in the packet. Provide plenty of details in your responses to give prospective birth parents a better understanding of who you are and a sense of how you would parent the child.

Don’t stage your short spots

Just as you should speak naturally during your on-camera interview, you should try not to pose for your short spots. Ideally, these clips should look like home movies. Try filming activities as they happen instead of recreating moments.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box

It might be helpful to watch other adoptive family video profiles on our website, but you are not limited to what other families have done in their videos. Be true to who you are as a couple, and shoot the video that you think best represents you.

Your family has a unique story to tell, and portraying that in your video will help make your profile stand out to potential birth parents.

Our video specialists will view all of your footage and piece together moments to make sure your family is well-represented in your video profile. By following the tips above, you can help capture the best of what your family has to offer to a child.