Creative Ways to Announce Your Adoption JourneySo you’ve made the decision to adopt. You’re over-the-moon excited and you simply cannot wait to tell the world about the amazing journey you’re beginning. But it has to be perfect.

What is the perfect way to announce your adoption journey? Well we don’t just have one perfect way, we have several! (But really, any way you announce your adoption journey is perfect in our eyes.)

Here are a few of our favorite adoption announcement ideas:

Adoption Announcement - PetsGet the Pets Involved

Whether it’s the dog, cat, hamster or gold fish, getting your beloved pet involved in the announcement is a super cute way to spread the news. Who wouldn’t audibly aww at a sweet picture of your pup next to some baby shoes or a rattle?

Potential messages:

Mom and Dad are getting me a human!
Waiting for my new best friend
Hey, I’m adopted too!


Adoption Announcement - Globe,MapUse a Globe or Map

This idea would work great for an international adoption! If you know the country/state where you child was/will be born draw a heart around that part of the map or use your hands to make a heart shape around it.

Potential messages:

We’re on an adventure to find our baby
Searching for our missing piece
Growing in our hearts. We’re adopting!



Adoption Announcement - Shoes,ChairUse a Pair of Baby Shoes or an Empty Chair

The aww factor alone of a tiny chair or tiny little shoes is enough to make this one a winner. Plus, once you’ve received placement you can retake the photo with the child in the shoes or chair. How cute is that?

Potential messages:

Boy or girl we do not know, but in our hearts you will grow.
Parents to be…we just don’t know when
We’re expanding our family by two feet
Waiting for you


Adoption Announcement - CreativeGet Creative!

There are so many great ways that you can announce your adoption, so let the creative juices flow and you’ll find the perfect option for your family. Some of our favorite ideas include:

Getting older siblings involved
Using chalkboard signs
Using alphabet blocks
Fake ultrasounds where baby is replaced with a state/country
Blowing up balloons
Adoption children’s books


However you announce your adoption plans, expect an outpouring of love and support from family and friends. This is an exciting time and your loved ones will be so excited to watch your family grow!

Photos Via:
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