You’ve conquered the home study, survived the wait and have settled into your new routine as a family with your new little bundle of joy. Your adoption journey is complete – or is it?

Once you receive placement of your child, but are still waiting for the finalization of your adoption, there are still some last steps you must take. All adoptions require a certain amount of post-placement visits. These visits to your home, which are usually conducted by your home study agency, are required by the courts and agency licensing entities to ensure that the adoptive placement is a positive one for both the adoptive family and the child. You will discuss a variety of topics with the social worker, such as developmental milestones, information from pediatrician visits and how the child and other family members are adjusting.

The number of post-placement visits vary state by state and even by licensing entities; however, most states require three on average. The number of required post-placements for your adoption is based on the state where your adoption will finalize – not necessarily where you live. These visits are required to continue until the adoption is finalized and may be required to begin as soon as 14 days after placement. It is the adoptive family’s responsibility to arrange post-placement supervision and ensure that this requirement is met.

If you have already received placement and have questions concerning your post-placement supervision requirements, contact your Adoptive Family Specialist at 1-800-ADOPTION.