If you pursue adoption, you do not get to choose the baby. A birth mother will always be able to choose the family for her baby.

Although you do not choose what baby you adopt, you can specify what you are looking for in an adoption. We will find you an adoption opportunity that fits your wants and needs.

Working with us means that you’ll have a reliable resource for every step of the adoption process.

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Do You Choose What Baby You Adopt?

If you adopt a baby, you can’t choose the baby. But if you’ve chosen adoption, then we know you can’t wait to feel the love and joy of having your newborn baby in your arms. Adoption with us means that’s what you’ll experience as soon as possible.

As part of your adoption plan, the adoption planning questionnaire (APQ) acts as your adoption preference checklist. Questions on the APQ will give us insight into your adoption budget, medical history and more.

With adoption, you do not get to choose the baby you’re adopting, but your APQ can tell us your adoption preferences as we look for the best fit. You could choose an adoption opportunity based on:

  • Race
  • Expectant birth parent’s medical history
  • Budget
  • Family values
  • And more

This information helps let us know about your adoption preferences. It’s also to help us make sure that we match you with an adoption opportunity that aligns with your parenting style and lifestyle and would allow you to support the child’s needs.

If you adopt a baby, you can’t choose the baby, but you can choose the adoption agency. That can make all the difference in shortening the time to start life with your new family.

If I Adopt a Baby, Can I Chose?

No, you do not choose what baby you adopt. That’s why the adoption agency you choose is one of the most important aspects of pursuing adoption.

Although you can specify certain things you would like for your adoption with us in your APQ, it can also limit opportunities that may impact how long your adoption takes.

You don’t get to choose what baby you adopt or know how long the adoption process takes, but you can give your adoption preferences with the APQ.

If you are more specific with your adoption preferences, you may have a longer adoption wait time than someone who has a more open APQ.

If I’m Adopting A Baby Do I Get to Choose?

Since you do not choose what baby you adopt, another thing to factor in when answering your APQ is the effect it can have on your home study with us. A home study is a comprehensive review of your lifestyle, living situation and adoption readiness.

A home study will:

  • Review your necessary documents
  • Interview each member of the family
  • Conduct a home inspection

If you’re adopting a baby, you do get to choose your preferences for an ideal match. You can change your APQ at any time, but doing so can impact your home study. The home study and APQ need to match.

That’s why working with our full-service national adoption agency is your best choice. Adoption with us means you’ll have a personal adoption guide to answer all of your questions at all stages of the process.

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