At American Adoptions, we know that parents considering adoption often come to us after a long journey through infertility. After the time, energy and money spent on having a biological child, the decision to pursue adoption can be a difficult one — especially if hopeful parents still have dreams of a child who shares their genetics.

To help families in this situation, our adoption counselors can also offer advice on one of the last remaining assisted reproductive methods for these parents — surrogacy. If you are considering adoption, are not sure about surrogacy, or just want to compare your two options, our specialists can help.

It’s not uncommon for those who contact us to still be considering adoption and just want to learn more about the process. If this is your situation, you may also be considering your other family-building options, too. Our American Adoptions specialists can help you evaluate them, offering knowledge and guidance as adoption counselors and partners to surrogacy agency American Surrogacy.

There are a few reasons why those considering adoption may wish to consider surrogacy:

  • They have remaining viable embryos from infertility treatments and aren’t sure how to proceed.
  • They want a greater degree of control than a private domestic infant adoption can provide.
  • They want to have a genetically related child.

If you are thinking about adoption and surrogacy, don’t hesitate to contact our adoption counselors. You can discuss your individual situation and family-building desires and needs. From there, our specialists can help you determine which path may be best for you. If you decide you want more information about surrogacy, our specialists will connect you with a surrogacy specialist from our sister agency, American Surrogacy.

American Surrogacy is built on the same principles as American Adoptions — genuine care and concern for all members of the family-building process. Both intended parents and their surrogate can expect unparalleled case management, matching and screening services, as well as emotional and practical support during every step of their process.

Like with adoption, those who are considering surrogacy are never obligated to choose this family-building option when they contact American Surrogacy’s professionals. The specialists at American Surrogacy are experienced in the adoption process as well as the surrogacy process, meaning they can provide tailored advice to help you choose the path that is best for you. Even if you are still considering both paths equally, speaking with our professionals from either agency can be incredibly beneficial.

Want to learn more about the differences between surrogacy and adoption? Contact our adoption specialists at 1-800-ADOPTION for answers to your questions and more helpful information.