crowdfundingMany prospective parents open their hearts to adoption with hopes of finally fulfilling their dreams of parenthood, only to be discouraged when faced with the practical challenge of affording their adoption. With all of the fees and services involved, private domestic adoption can cost families tens of thousands of dollars, placing financial stress on couples and individuals who are ready to grow their families.

Fortunately, prospective parents have options when it comes to financing their adoption. One increasingly common and highly effective tool is crowdfunding.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is online fundraising that harnesses the power of social networks to drive awareness and donations from all over the world.

YouCaring, a leading crowdfunding website, has recognized the power of crowdfunding to help hopeful parents complete their families through adoption. The site pioneered compassionate crowdfunding, a form of free online fundraising that supports humanitarian causes and brings kindness and community to those in need. Their platform connects adoptive families and other people who need financial help with compassionate friends, family, and even strangers from all around the world who are willing to lend a helping hand.

How does it work?YouCaring Logo

Through YouCaring, hopeful adoptive parents can upload photos and videos to help tell their story, share their profile on social media and receive donations, all without paying the 5 to 10 percent fee charged by most crowdfunding sites.

If you are interested in crowdfunding your adoption or want to learn more about online fundraising, here’s how to get started:

If you are ready to adopt, cost should not prevent you from welcoming your new child home. Online fundraising is one simple way to help ease the financial burden of adoption so you can focus on what really matters — your growing family.