National Adoption Month can be a great time of year for families to gather to celebrate adoption in their lives! Whether you plan a get-together on National Adoption Day (November 23rd) or another day this month, spending time with other adoptive families can be a great way to share experiences or trade parenting tips, as well as to show your child that there are others affected by adoption in their community.

Here are some ideas for planning an adoptive family get-together:

  • Check out’s list of events to find an event near you.
  • Plan a get-together with other adoptive families in your community, church, etc.
  • Host a potluck dinner with your friends to celebrate your child’s adoption. (You can even reach out to friends who have been struggling with infertility to talk to them about your experiences.)
  • Join a play or parent group with other adoptive families. Find parent groups or learn how to start your own at

This summer, American Adoptions was thrilled to be part of a meet-up for adoptive families! It was so great to see so many beautiful families come together. If you’re planning an event for adoption month, we’d love to hear about it! You can send us information at