November has finally arrived, which means it’s once again National Adoption Month! Many of our readers already know how special National Adoption Month is to members of the adoption triad – but if you’re new to the world of adoption, you can start learning about it right here.

Each year, National Adoption Month, sponsored by the Children’s Bureau, spreads adoption awareness, honors adoptive families and highlights newborns and children who are still waiting for permanent homes. Adoption Month is a great time for adoptive families, adopted children and birth parents to share their stories and celebrate the role adoption has played in their lives.

The ways you can celebrate throughout the month of November are endless. Whether you’re an adoptive parent, a birth parent, an adoptee, or just someone interested in adoption, here are some of the things you can do this month:

  • Learn about adoption – There are many places you can go to learn about the adoption process and adoption-positive language – including our website!
  • Start a conversation – By reaching out to those you know, you can be the one to begin the discussion about adoption in your local school, work, or church community.
  • Set up a donation – Many people like to donate books related to adoption to their local libraries.
  • Send a gift – Know someone who has been touched by adoption? Send them a small gift to let them know you’re celebrating this month with them!
  • Use social media – Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media are a great way to spread awareness about National Adoption Month.

If you’re interested in learning more about National Adoption Month, you can also see some of the following pages:

Check out the American Adoptions Facebook and Twitter pages to see how we’re celebrating this month!