National Adoption Month 2015November is National Adoption Month! Each year, National Adoption Month, sponsored by the Children’s Bureau, spreads adoption awareness, honors adoptive families and highlights newborns and children who are still waiting for permanent homes. We’ll be doing our part to celebrate and spread adoption awareness with blog posts, newsletters and social media promoting adoption all month long.

Adoption Month is a great time for adoptive families, adopted children and birth parents to share their stories and celebrate the role adoption has played in their lives. Here are a few ways your family can celebrate and raise awareness of adoption this month:

  • Donate adoption-themed books and movies to a local library or classroom
  • Make a presentation or read a book about adoption at your church or school, or share your experiences with friends who are interested in adoption or fostering
  • Send a letter or gift to someone who has placed a child for adoption
  • Add to your child’s Lifebook
  • Use positive adoption language, and encourage friends and family members to do the same
  • Get adoption in your local media
  • Use social media to tell your story, promote adoption, post pictures or share American Adoptions’ posts to friends

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