Military Adoption SmallerToday, Veterans Day, we want to issue a special thank you to the men and women who serve and protect us in our armed forces! We are honored to help support and grow military families through adoption during National Adoption Month and throughout the year.

While working with military families does come with special considerations, our staff is fully qualified to address any situations as they arise. Here are some FAQs and tips for military families:

What if a spouse is deployed during the adoption process?

The deployment of a spouse does not stop the adoption process. The spouse being deployed will simply need to grant a power of attorney to the other spouse, thus allowing them to make all legal decisions regarding the adoption for the other spouse while they are away.

What if we are transferred to another state during the adoption process?

Many families, both civilian and military, need to move during the adoption process due to job relocation or other reasons. The waiting family will need to get a home study update or a new home study, depending on the home study provider. This may postpone the adoption process, as a fully updated home study is required for all adoptions. Until your home study is completed or updated, we will be unable to present your profile to an expectant mother for an adoption opportunity. Once this step is completed, your profile will once again be shown to expectant mothers and your adoption process will continue forward.

Does American Adoptions offer services to Military Families Stationed Outside of the U.S.?

No matter where your family is stationed, American Adoptions can help you fulfill your dreams of parenthood. Our agency has worked with couples from across the globe. But there are some basic considerations for families stationed outside the US regarding an adoption home study, legal representation, variations to the adoption process, and placement/finalization (including travel, citizenship and post-placement visits). To learn more about how American Adoptions works with adoptive families who are stationed outside the U.S., please read our Military Adoption Information on our website.

What resources within the military are supportive of families in general and might assist military families in their adoption pursuit?

To learn more about resources available to support military families who are pursuing adoption and for other important things to know for military families overseas and in the U.S. please refer to the following links:

We thank you again for your service to our country and for the privilege of helping make your dreams of family come true!