Yesterday, we answered some common questions for those just beginning their own adoption journey. But for those of you who have already taken the leap and are well on your way to an adoption happy ending, we’ve rounded up some past posts that are helpful for parents-to-be.

Though it may seem like forever away, it’s never a bad idea to begin baby proofing your home and considering safety plans. Our holiday baby proofing post goes over the basics, as well as extra precautions to take during the most wonderful time of the year. We’ve also got recommendations for picking safe toys for your future son or daughter.

Planning for the hospital stay can be tough, since you’ll need to be prepared to travel at a moment’s notice. Here’s advice for planning your hospital stay and a list of what to pack. And since premature infants need special consideration and care, we’ve got a list of what to expect if you have a preemie.

Whether you’re coping with a disrupted adoption or are feeling frustrated with your wait and the questions people ask about it, we’ve pulled together some strategies for getting through the tough spots.

And lastly, we’ve got advice for capturing your adoption journey through scrapbooking. The most important part? Start now. Take down your thoughts throughout the adoption process, so that you can share them with your child someday. You’ll be glad you did!