Website PhotosLast weekend, we had our final Adoption 101 Seminar and Adoptive Family Picnic for the year! As we celebrate National Adoption Month and look toward next year, we wanted to highlight our different seminars and their benefits.

Adoption 101 Seminars

Our Adoption 101 Seminars are for adoptive families entering the adoption process who are looking for general information to help them decide between domestic adoption versus international or foster care adoption. An Adoptive Family Coordinator will also go over how much an adoption might cost and the advantages of using American Adoptions over another adoption professional. One of the highlights of our Adoption 101 Seminars is a Q&A session with an adoptive family and sometimes even an Adoptive Family Specialist. No matter where we travel across the country, we like to have this Q&A time for our families from folks who have been in their shoes! Our Adoptive Family Coordinators really enjoy the opportunity to connect with our families.

“I enjoy doing seminars because I like helping people. Some of the people that we meet at the seminars have been through a lot by the time they get to the point where they are learning about domestic adoption with a national agency. Sometimes its fertility treatments, sometimes its failed adoptions with other agencies, and a lot of times it’s a combination of emotional and financial loss that they have suffered. It’s good to know that you can help these people,” says Jason Tabuchi, Adoptive Family Coordinator

Watch the video below for more information and then see our projected seminar dates for 2015!

Below is a list of our 2015 projected Adoption 101 Seminars across the country:

  • January – Kansas (Date Confirmed: 1/17)
  • February – Virginia and Tennessee
  • March – Missouri and Northern California
  • April – Florida and Arizona
  • May – Southern California
  • June – Massachusetts and Kansas
  • July – North Carolina and Missouri
  • August – Wisconsin
  • September – Florida and Pennsylvania
  • October – Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado
  • November – Texas and Florida

Adoption Tele-Seminars

Our tele-seminars are just like our Adoption 101 seminars – except that you can dial in from the convenience of your home! Tele-seminars, which happen at least once monthly during the evening, allow you to ask questions of an Adoptive Family Coordinator. Should you have further questions, we can connect you with one of our adoptive families who can share their own experience of going through the adoption process.

Can’t find a tele-seminar date that works for you? Let us know! We can specially schedule a time to chat with you whenever is convenient! Just email

Adoptive Family Picnics

Ever wanted to meet up with other families who have adopted children? Our Adoptive Family Picnics, now in their second year, have been a great opportunity for adoptive parents and adoptees alike to share advice and connect with each other. After our October Picnic in Pennsylvania, Adoptive Family Coordinator Mike Aguilar shared how inspiring it was to see everyone come together:

“It’s amazing to not only put faces to the names that we interact with but also to see how grateful they are for our services,” he said. “And it’s so great to watch them interact with other adoptive families and bond over their shared experiences.”

But the highlight for everyone in attendance is definitely the kids. Adoptive Family Specialist Kathie Hoffmann overheard one girl say, Mommy, are all these other kids just like me? Another little girl’s main goal was to make new friends who were adopted. And when she did meet another girl around her age, they were instant friends!

“It was one of the coolest things I’ve experienced in the six years I’ve been working here,” Kathie says.

For 2015, our projected Adoptive Family Picnic dates are:

  • May – Southern California
  • June – Kansas
  • September – Pennsylvania
  • November – Florida

Watch the video below to see more from our Adoptive Family Picnic in Kansas this past June:

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