Healthy Snacks for KidsWhether you’re having an outdoor picnic, a day at the amusement park, or a road trip, chances are you will need some snacks on hand for the kids. Gummy worms and soda are certainly an appealing option from time to time, but on other occasions, you might be looking for something a little more nutritious.

In order for kids to grow up healthy and strong, they need a variety of nutrients, including protein, fiber, and all kinds of vitamins and minerals. Fortunately, there are many ways to incorporate healthy foods into your kids’ snacks in a way they will love.

If you are looking for healthy snacks for your kids, here are some ideas that you may not have tried before:

  • Popsicles – These frozen treats are surprisingly simple to make. Try making some frozen yogurt pops to satisfy that sweet tooth.
  • Slushies – Staying hydrated is important in the summer, but plain water gets boring after a while. Instead, give a watermelon slushie a try.
  • Chocolate-covered frozen fruitChocolate-coated bananas take just three ingredients and have the creamy, sweet taste of ice cream.
  • Trail mix – Trail mix is an easy and healthy option that will give your kids the energy they need to play all day. Start with a basic recipe and add whatever you want!
  • Granola bars – This no-bake recipe includes chocolate chips, peanut butter, and honey, so your kids won’t even know they’re having a healthy treat.
  • Fruit chips – Instead of buying your typical dried fruit, trying making your own fruit chips in the oven. Apples and bananas are especially good for this purpose, and they’ve got a crunch that kids are sure to love.

These suggestions will help you to make sure that snack time never gets old for you and your family. Keep an eye out for our healthy lunch recipe post coming out soon!